How to quickly change the trailer or main video of my Youtube channel

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How to make a trailer for the YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel trailer is very similar to a movie trailer, it's for people who are subscribed and for those who don't, watch a short video to show what your channel is about. This is shown on the channel's homepage, so it's best to follow these little steps so that you have a good trailer.

The first thing is that it is a short video, it can last from 1 and 3 minutes a depending on what you want to show. Since we want to call more people, a short but well summarized video on the topic of our channel is best.

Secondly, if you are monetizing your videos, this is better than this ad-free, in order to attract more attention and focus the viewer when watching your trailer. For this reason, make sure that the video does not contain any third party content.

Third, we need to know that there will be many people who do not yet know our content, so we need to get their attention with the first 10 seconds of the trailer, so it's best to tell them what our channel is about and show small segments of our best videos.

Finally, make sure that most of the people who see your trailer subscribe, for that we have to put a word subscribe at the end of the video or we can say it multiple times in the trailer but without being pushy. Furthermore, the adding a button somewhere on the screen would help us.

How to upload a video to YouTube?

Another common question is how to upload a video to YouTube? For what you are starting it can be a problem, but don't worry, as here we explain it to you easily with a few simple steps:

First we need to open YouTube from our computer from the official site. At the top of the screen there is an icon that says "Create videos and much more" we click and two options will appear, we select "Upload video".

So we have to select or drag the video we want to upload to YouTube. Finally, we need to add the details, which are, thumbnails, description and title. Then, we click "Forward" and then on Publish.

How can I upload a video to YouTube from my mobile?

Similarly on the computer, we go to the top and select the video camera icon.

So, we will have three options, "Register" something new, "Broadcast live" or we will upload a video that we have saved on our phone. We select the video we want.

Finally, we must add the title, description, privacy and location. Next, we have to press the arrow that appears at the top of the screen. It's ready.

How can I quickly change the trailer or main video of my YouTube channel?

After knowing all these details, changing the video trailer will be much easier for us, so we just have to follow these small steps:

  • To get started we need to have our trailer ready and open YouTube.
  • Let's go to our channel and select where it says "Customize the channel".
  • Next, we will have more options, we need to select the tab "Start".
  • Therefore, we go to the part where it says “For new visitors” and click on "Edit"
  • And finally, we select where it says "Change trailer", let's choose the new trailer. And ready!

Finally we hope you enjoyed this article, however we would like to know, do you think trailers attract more audiences? Do you think it's important to have a trailer on the channel? Leave us your opinion in the comments.

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