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And if you were previously addicted to playing World of Warcraft, don't doubt that with these achievements you will get, the desire to play it will be greater.

caricare alchemy in Shadowlands or if you want to upload alchemy wow bfa, it is important that you do it especially on weekends, or on Monday mornings, that is, when you can get good prices at auction.

That said, don't wait any longer! Read on to find the best guide and the best advice on how to increase your alchemy level in wow

Guide from level 1 to 175 in alchemy

The best alchemy guide from level 1 to 600 can be found here. To get started, you have to visit an instructor in Azeroth. In case you don't get any, you can easily ask a guard.

Once you find one, start making potions. First, to go from level 1 to 60 you need 59 healing potions for this you will need 59 peace flowers and 59 silver leaves.

Then, from level 60 to 105, you need to make 50 lesser healing potions, for this you will need 50 lesser healing potions and 50 heatherpina.

After that, you will be able to switch from the level 105 to 140 by first performing 5 elixir of wisdom with 5 marregale and 10 heather,

Now, for pass level 140, you need to craft 15 less mana potions, so you will need 15 marigolds and strangling algae. To move up another 20 levels, you will need 20 Greater Healing Potions with the same amount of Root Life and Royal Blood.

Guide from level 175 to 235 in alchemy

go up another ten levels, you'll need 10 mana potions, so luckily and ironically, you'll need fewer materials.

So for a change the range from 185 to 205, you must craft 20 Elixirs of Agility made with 20 Entragulatory Algae and Gold Thorn.

If you find it too complex, you can choose to craft 25 Elixir of Fortitude, with the same amount of Wild Steel and Gold Thorns. Finally, once you reach level 205, you can move up to the Craftsman level with the alchemy instructor.

Once there, you need to create 10 Greater Defense Elixir, with 10 Wild Steel and Gold Thorn. So from level 215-234, you will need 20 excellent healing potions, with 20 soleas and 20 mustache of Khadgar.

To continue, you need to search for the recipe for the philosopher's stone in Tanaris, the coordinates are 50,9, 28. Similarly, the materials needed are 4 iron rods, 1 black vitriol and four purple lotus flowers and a fire flower.

Guide from level 235 to alchemy

You will need 5 elixirs of greater intellect, 25 elixirs of greater agility, 5 potions of excellent mana and 15 elixirs of the sages to go from 235 to 285.

So you will need 18 Major Healing Potions to reach level 300, so you can rise to 315 con Volatile Healing Potion, Adept’s Elixir o Onslaught Elixir.

Once there, you will need 10 healing power elixirs for reach 325, then you can perform a mission to obtain a specialization in potions, elixirs or transmutations, which will allow you to obtain up to 4 times more than what is produced.

After that, you will have achieved great power in WoW, which will allow you to be at a high level in case you meet any of the famous who play WoW.

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