How to quickly get to the Master range in Battle Royale de Call of Duty: Mobile

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Upgrading quickly in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale isn't easy at all, at first it can be something simple, but then it all starts to get complicated because you will find players who are at the same level of rank, for what you would face with good people like you.

The question is why strive for the degree of Master? Well, in this range is where they start to be the best rewards in absolute, for example the available skins of the season, which are usually found mostly in the Master II. If you haven't had the opportunity to get there, then you need to take into account the advice we give you in the following information.

Stay in the top 10

Call of Duty: Mobile – Top 10

The longer you survive in the game, the better. Being in the top 10 of players is one of the things that helps you the most your points increase your rank, as this makes you rank as one of the best in the game, although of course it would be much better if you win the game as this would greatly increase the points you want to get.

Eliminate many enemies

Call of Duty: Mobile - MVP 18 kills

Reaching the top 10 isn't the only thing you need to do, over the course of the game you should try to make sure you become one of the players who eliminates more enemies. It is recommended that you get at least 5 kills to get the rank benefit. This is why you should know which weapon is the one that best suits your style of play, as this way you will have a better chance of having successful fights.

Help the team

Call of Duty: Mobile - Resuscitation

If you are playing in Duo or Team mode, you will have the possibility to cure or resuscitate i your teammates, and that's a good sum of points too, as this can make the difference between winning or losing, since your friends at the end of the game is a much desired help.


Call of Duty: Mobile – assiste

On the other hand, another of the things you can do as a team is to make assists, which are done when a friend takes down an enemy and you finish him off, or if they kill an opponent between the two. It should be noted that this usually happens by accident and happens many times throughout the game, as the main goal is for all members of your team to survive and support each other when they enter combat.

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