How to Realistically Change Hair Color Using Photoshop

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How to make hair selection with Photoshop?

  1. The first thing is to have the program installed on your computer, for this you have to download Photoshop from its official site.
  2. Let's open our program in the version you currently have according to your computer.
  3. We select the image that we will use to retouch on this occasion and we will open it within the program.
  4. In Photoshop it works with layers, which we can see on our right as we will be editing the layers as well.
  5. With the click pressed on the current layer of the photograph we will drag down to open a new layer in the button "New level".
  6. We create a second layer similar to the original one, we leave the previous one in case we make a mistake and need to go back to the original image.
  7. With the tool "Speed ​​dial" we will trace with the brush the entire area of ​​the hair that we are going to change color.
  8. We will go to the top of our main menu and just below we find a button that mentions "Select and apply mask".
  9. Let's set the transparency to 100% in the Properties sidebar in the program.
  10. With the tool "Brush for perfect edges" and we will begin to blur the ends of the hair and the edges of the head a little and eliminate the traces of the background that remained inside it.
  11. And at the end we click on OK and we will have the selection ready to make the color change.

How do you change your hair color in Photoshop?

  1. When we have the selection ready to start, we need to create a mask from this selection.
  2. Let's click below the levels where the "Create mask" button and a mask will automatically be created on this visible main layer.
  3. We can make the main layer that we had hidden visible and there we will see how the model's hair overlaid on the main image is shown.
  4. We only work on the hair we select, any color changes are done on the hair.
  5. On the layer that contains the hair mask we have to place the color or change it, to change it we can go to the tab "Settings" and click there "Tones and saturation".
  6. Within this new menu we can alternate the resulting color combinations for our hair, it is important to select the option that we find on the border where we authorize changes only in the current work level.
  7. This way they can make color changes to the hair and once we have it ready we can proceed to save it.
  8. In the lower right corner of the menu "File" we find the option "Save with name…" we will click and we will save the our image retouched where we need it.
  9. You can level the image quality from lowest to highest quality, which will always be recommended.

In this way we learned to make the selection and the hair color of our model, alternating the colors to reach the desired one, is a professional technique with an impeccable result if your photo was even a little dark, you can edit it and find out like to lighten a dark photo in Photoshop  and you will get photos with a magnificent finish.

One more idea to make your photos look amazing, in case you want to remove the background, is to make perfect selections and cropping in Photoshop in an easy and practical way. 

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