How to remove LAG from Call Of Duty Mobile and easily increase FPS

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Hospitality! If you are one of those who like to play Call of Duty Mobile but do not know what to do to make the games more fluid, then you have arrived at the indicated post. Next we will show you the most effective tips for remove the LAG from Call Of Duty Mobile and increase easily FPS.

Helpful tips to remove LAG from Call Of Duty Mobile and boost FPS

Here you can read several tips for eliminate the delay of Call of Duty Mobile and improve the performance of games on Android quickly and easily.

Quality below the minimum

Normally, Call of Duty Mobile is responsible for the adjusting the quality of the graphics in based on the mobile phone you own. But, in case it doesn't automatically adjust, you'll have to do it yourself.

To do this you need to go to the game menu and select the 'Sound and graphics' option. Once inside, you have to select the low graphics quality and this way you can reduce the load level of the mobile processor. We remind you, on the other hand, that even the space it occupies in RAM is essential to enjoy a high FPS rate.

Frames per second

In this mobile version of Call of Duty there is an option that gives us the opportunity to force a specific number of frames to run per second within the game.

Without a doubt, we recommend that you activate this option if you have a high-end or high-end mobile device. Otherwise you will have to minimize this option so that the processor does not suffer as much, which results in a noticeable performance improvement in games. However, you will have a higher FPS rate.

Game shadows and textures

Another good option that exists for improve the performance of Call of Duty Mobile is to disable the quality of the shadows, the sawtooth generated by the textures and the depth of field. This will be very useful if you have a mid-range phone, as it will significantly increase the FPS rate.

This is because if we have activated the options we have mentioned above, the processor and GPU will have a much higher load, so the graphics performance will seem less smooth.

More tips

Beware of sensitivity

Within the settings of this video game for Android there is an option that allows us to adjust the sensitivity of the controls. While it is true that this option will not worsen or improve the graphics of the game, it does affect the speed at which our player's camera will move in the game. So, if we have a mobile that does not have powerful RAM memory, we will experience image lag (also known as lag) when we move around the map or target our enemies.

For this reason, it is recommended not to overdo it when adjusting the sensitivity of the movement of the first person camera. However, the bad part of this is that we will be slower when pointing or turning in case someone is shooting at us from a blind spot.

Free up internal memory

One of the biggest problems is when the memory of our mobile is almost completely full, as this significantly affects the performance of the most demanding applications. In other words, the more files, photos and apps you have in memory, the longer it will take your phone to find the required record. That's why we recommend that you free up internal storage on your Android.

Don't forget to activate the game mode

Currently, there are many manufacturers who have decided to include a specific way to improve the performance of mobile games. This mode reduces background processes, increasing the performance of RAM and processor.

To find out if your mobile has this "game mode" you should check in the settings section so that you can activate it when it goes so that you can remove Call of Duty Mobile lag and boost FPS.

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