How to remove or remove buildings in Rust - Demolish walls, structures, houses and much more

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However, during the process of building your home, you may to make mistakes and find yourself having to demolish a wall; Or perhaps, during a loot, you have to destroy an entire structure. If this is your case, keep reading, because below we will explain how to clear the constructions in this game.

How can I remove or delete builds in Rust?

Before explaining what you should do to demolish walls and houses in Rust, you should know that there are different types of constructions, made with different materials. This is important, because the time and effort you will have to put into demolishing a stone house are not the same as demolishing a wooden one.

On the other hand, as it would be in real life, in Rust you will have to use some kind of tool or weapon to destroy a building. If you don't have any weapons or tools, we recommend that you review how to get the best weapons in the game and equip yourself properly before you start demolishing.

The first piece of advice we will give you in order to be able to demolish buildings more efficiently is do not use tools such as pickaxes or axes  because of this. With these, it will take too long and damage several tools before you can completely remove the building.

A few years ago these tools were ideal and valid for the destruction of buildings, but nowadays the best option is use explosives to carry out this task. Whether it is explosive projectiles, grenades and even rocket launchers or other similar tools, it can be used to demolish any structure or construction.

Using these tools it is certain that you will be able to eliminate any construction in Rust much quicker and easier than using an ax or pickaxe. And don't forget to take the decay of the building into account when choosing which weapons to destroy it with.

What does "decay" or "decay" mean?

All buildings in the Rust game, as well as in real life, they undergo a process of decay or decay in time. Previously, players left a lot of buildings abandoned and this started affecting the quality of the servers, so this measure was taken to avoid this problem.

The decay it works differently for each type of construction. Thus, for example, a structure made with hay will begin to decompose within hours of abandoning its owner. You should also consider that buildings begin to deteriorate from the highest to the lowest.

We tell you all this because, if you want to destroy a building, it will be easier remove a building which is already decaying rather than one in perfect condition. This information can be useful if you are short on time to complete the demolition process.

Another important aspect to consider regarding decay is the time it takes to decompose a structure varies also in based on its geographical position. For this reason, it is important that the constructions you make, you reinforce them whenever you can, as this will extend their life.

To give you a practical example of this, we tell you that if you build a wall and disconnect for 6 hours, the decomposition process begins and it will be completely destroyed in another 6 hours. If you reinforce it, it will begin to decompose in 24 hours and it will take 5 days to completely damage itself.

We hope this article helped you remove or remove builds in Rust faster and easier. And if you start playing, put the video game in Spanish and find out everything you can do in Rust.

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