How to remove sound from WhatsApp Camera: all options

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WhatsApp is an application that despite having text messaging as its main function, everyone knows that it is not the only function it has. The variety of options it offers us is quite wide and among them is the camera, however, constantly listening the default camera sound can be annoying if we are taking a lot of photos, especially if we are in a public space and do not want to disturb others. Therefore, we will explain step by step how to remove sound from WhatsApp camera.

Remove audio from WhatsApp camera

First of all it must be said that the application WhatsApp does not have an option to turn off the camera soundHowever, there are some things you can do to silence the shutter sound when taking a photo.

Mute your mobile phone

Undoubtedly the easiest way to remove sound from the camera is put the mobile phone in vibrate or silent mode. To do this you have 3 options:

With volume buttons

  1. Unlock your mobile
  2. Press the button reduction of volume
  3. Select the icon area of Bell to make it completely silent

By configuration

  1. Enter the mobile phone settings
  2. Then go to the option Sound and vibration
  3. Find the option Do not disturb and activate it

Through the notification panel

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Select the bell icon to switch to silent mode

When applying any of these steps, all cell phone sounds will be muted, including calls, notifications and the WhatsApp camera. While you should know that taking pictures without any sound is not allowed by some manufacturers, to avoid any kind of harassment, so the above options won't work for you. However, if this is not the case for you and what you want is not to disturb others, you can try other methods.

Edit the WhatsApp camera audio file

This method consists of editing the file called shutter.ogg or camera_shutter.ogg, depending on the mobile. By modifying said file you can permanently delete the camera sound in WhatsApp and usually in cellphone default camera application as well, but you need to be rooted, if you don't know how to be root, please read this article first, and then follow the next steps.

  1. You have to get into yours File Manager
  2. Follow the path according to your mobile, although in most cases it is in / system / media / audio / ui /
  3. Now search for the file Shutter.ogg o camera_click.ogg depends on the smartphone and the Android version
  4. Rinominare il file in shutter.ogg.old o camera_shutter.ogg.old
  5. Turn off your mobile phone and turn it on again

Use a third party app

Finally, if you have not been able to silence your mobile with the first method and the second is very complicated for you, there is one last option. You can try using an app like Tasker.

It works very well when automating some mobile options like adjusting the brightness, WiFi or turning on silent mode. Note that yes it is a paid application, but without a subscription, a single payment of 3,59 € that it's really worth it.

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