How to repair a damaged profile on Xbox 360? - Step by step

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For many, being a gamer is a full-time job and not just a hobby. So if for any reason the console or the account connected to it fails, you lose precious time and therefore money. For this reason, today you will learn how to repair a damaged profile on Xbox 360.

And this problem is something that can happen to most players in the world. Leaving them helpless and believing that their account where all their trophies and achievements were found is dead. But that's not really the case, then this tutorial will bring a smile back to all Microsoft console users.

How to repair a damaged profile on Xbox 360?

First and before starting the process that will allow you to repair a damaged profile on Xbox 360, you need to understand why this happens.

Basically, a profile gets corrupted when its data gets damaged. This can happen when the account is entered on a new Xbox, when updating the profile, when inserting the memory card in another console, when connecting and using an Xbox 360 hard drive on a computer, or simply at due to a system error.

Regardless of your case, with the following solution you can put an end to this error and re-enter your profile calmly.To begin the repair, first turn on your console as you normally do to play, then go to the Xbox panel and select "System the option "Settings".


So and from there you go up " Memory “, In this section look for your user profile and when you find it, choose it. If the profile is shown as corrupt it means that it has been damaged so you need to delete it. So, leave your profile if you were logged in. You can do this by pressing the guide button, right after the X and finally in the option "Yes, disconnect me."

Now go to the section "My Xbox" located on the panel, look for the section "Retrieve Game Tags" and choose it by pressing button A on the remote control, then follow the instructions that will allow you to repair the profile.

When done, enter the option that will appear called “Xbox live player tag”, once the process is finished, your avatar will appear again so you can enter. In case that's not the case (which shouldn't happen), you'll need to find another solution or format and factory reset your Xbox.

Repair on Xbox One

With the above, you already know how to repair a damaged profile on Xbox 360, so now as an extra, you will see how to do it on the next generation console.

Since, on Xbox One, there are also many errors that can corrupt your profile, but in the case of this they are even worse, because when they occur they do not even let you start the digital games you have purchased (sometimes not even the physical ones) , they also won't let you into the session Xbox live.


To solve it quickly, you need to do something similar to the above, first go to the section " Settings "Of the console (the icon which is a small gear), then go to" Account ”And finally on “Elimina account”.

Once there, you just have to choose the profile you want to delete (Make sure you tell Xbox that you only want to delete the profile and not the linked data), when it's been eliminated, enter it again and that's it.

With this you should be able to log in again. Now, if you already know everything you need to repair a corrupted profile on Xbox 360 and fix the same error on the console below.

So now, you just need to go to your console and start performing the steps mentioned above, so that in a few minutes you will have your profile as good as new.

And once you have it, you can enjoy perks like activating and using Xbox Live Gold on Xbox 360 or redeeming and using an Xbox Live card, wait no longer and halo!

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