How to repair a failed New World transaction with error code 408?

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The transaction failed with the code 408 New World is a problem that has been continuously generated in the game for some time, this error code indicates an error with the use of the game store. Players attempting to use the New World shop  in Amazon's new MMO they may occasionally encounter a “transaction status” error message, which means that the purchases they have made have failed despite having money in your Steam virtual wallet.

This mistake  appears in the Mark of Fortune purchase attempt, it is important to know the fix for this error, as there has been a large influx of players since the launch of New World and this error makes things a bit cumbersome, and that is the economy in the New World is very important. This error can be mainly caused by server instability, although it may be related to other causes. Fortunately, Amazon Support isn't your only purchase option, there are a few fixes that manage to fix the problem.

Why am I getting the 408 error with New World transactions?

Marks of Fortune is the name of the  New World game premium currency, if you are one of those who know how to play and if you like to customize your game character, you will need a lot of these currencies. Marks of Fortune allows you to purchase cosmetic skins and other items for optimal character development in the game. This feature is often flawed and players are unable to purchase Marks of Fortune to purchase their items.

The 408 error relates to the “Request Timeout” information which basically means that the request sent by the client to the web server has exceeded the waiting time allowed by the server itself. As a result, instead of producing a response, the browser receives the 408 error message. It should be noted that it could be due to problems with the Internet connection, but there is also the alternative that it is due to a overload or a configuration error from the website.

What is the immediate solution for this error with New World transactions?

Normally it is advisable to check if the player's Steam wallet has enough credit to make the transaction, however, all users who have encountered this problem have sufficient credit in their wallet, so this solution is to be ruled out. To solve this problem in New World  choose to enable Steam Overlay.

Check your wallet with Steam

Various alternatives are suggested for the solution of this transaction error, the first of which is  check the Steam wallet. In New world you can make purchases in the store using real money from your Steam wallet.

Activate the Steam overlay

While in the game, press the Shift + Tab keys and the overlays on Steam it should open properly. Otherwise, the overlay is disabled and as a result players cannot make any transactions in the in-game store to purchase New World appearances or other things using real world funds, as this must be done using Steam's billing methods . If the overlay doesn't work properly, exit New World and reload the game.

Enable Steam Overlay

To enable Steam Overlay in New World when you are out of the game, go to “Library”, click on the button “properties”, “follow”, “general tab” and finally “enable Steam Overlay”. On the other hand, can also activate the Steam Overlay while in the game, you just need to press Shift + Tab function.

When I perform these actions on Steam, will I no longer receive the 408 error for transactions?

Error code 408 after a failed New World transaction is believed to be related to connection problems between the store and the player's computer. The fixes provided above serve the purpose  to eliminate friction  between the shop and the player's computer. If the problem persists, you may need to check your router configuration or check port forwarding. 

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