How to reset or restart an Xbox One to factory settings? Quick and easy

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If the problem your Xbox console is having isn't that serious, whether it's only running at a slower speed or not allowing you to access new options, perhaps all you need to do is upgrade your console without the internet or with.

But if it becomes a more complicated case like your console is not giving the screen image, there are other options you should take, if the problem is due to screen incompatibility you can always connect your Xbox console to your PC monitor.

What could be considered a negative is the possibility of losing all the content that has been stored on the device until now.

Therefore, the best recommendation before performing this procedure is create a backup of all content on your Xbox, including games, images, videos, among others.

Steps before restoring Xbox One data to factory settings

There are many reasons why a person like you decides to reset console settings. That includes the ability to sell the device or want to fix a problem while using it.

If your reason for doing this does not guarantee that all content stored on Xbox One will be completely lost, then you must sync data with Xbox Live.

In case you need to do this and you don't know how to do it, go to the “Xbox Live” section in the console menu to connect via the Internet.

Once done, the content you have stored on your device up to that point will automatically sync, creating a backup.

Default method to reset Xbox One to factory settings

Performing this procedure requires steps very short, simple and straightforward which don't take long to complete.

Once you've secured the content you wanted to keep (or if you really don't want to keep it on your console) you can start with the following steps:

To get started, press the Xbox button to view the onscreen help; there you will select the option " System ".

Access the section " Configuration "To find the section" System ", Which is the one that contains the" Console Information ”Where we will carry out the whole procedure.

Inside you will see the option " Reset the console “, Which you must press to display the following selection on the screen:

Mainly he will ask you if you really want " Reset the console? ", Which will be accompanied by the following options:

Reset and remove everything

This is the first way to factory reset your device.

Selecting this option will remove user data from the console. Including the accounts you have created, the games you have downloaded and installed, the progress in each of them, the settings you have established and their associations.


Typically, this is a decision made when the console is to be sold or gifted and only as a last resort to fix a problem.

Restore and keep Xbox content

The second option also allows you to reset the values, while keeping the contents of the Xbox. If you're only doing this to fix a problem, this should be your choice.

Through this method you will be able to restore the Xbox One operating system to factory settings; but only by deleting any damaged data e without deleting your games or applications.

If you don't want to choose any of these options, just click " Cancel ”And no reboot action will be performed.

After pressing any of the options, your Xbox will automatically start the wipe process and go back to default settings.

If you've solved your problem and are ready to play again, remember to create an Xbox Live account so you can enjoy yourself with other players.

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