How to reset the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller? - Restart without errors

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After 20 years of development in the video game console market, the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are presented. These are new generation consoles with an interesting technological level. However, this does not eliminate the presence of problems that could complicate its operation. For this reason, when these problems affect the command, you need to know how to fix it.

What is the process to successfully restart the console controller?

There are wireless complications, even on the innovative Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. So, you'd better consider the following process to reset the controller without errors:

Turn off the controller completely

It is and will be the first thing we should do. As easy and simple as it is, it might solve the problem. In the center of the controller is a button with the X icon. Just press it for about six seconds and that's it.

Turn off the console and unplug the controller

Now, to completely disable the connection from the device to the console, you have to deactivate it. Next, a reconfiguration will be required, which is done using a PC. At the end of this step, you can be absolutely sure that the controller has been unpaired.

Turn on your Xbox and press the pairing button

The next thing to do is turn on the Xbox and press the pairing button, located on the front. By pressing a couple of seconds, the system will search for the connection with the active command.

Activate the pairing of your controller

Almost the same as the previous action, only this time he's in control. You can find the pairing button at the top. Once again, press it for at least two seconds to start synchronization. In the process, the Xbox Series X / S logo will flash on both computers. The connection will be restored in a few seconds.

Make sure your controller and Xbox are paired

If you've followed the entire process this far to the letter, there shouldn't be any flaws. It would be enough to see if the light on the controller has stopped flashing and if all its components are responding. If not, it's better repeat the whole process from the beginning to check.

This will allow you to synchronize your controller better and thus enjoy a better experience, as you will be able to open your games faster without having to wait for the controller.

How to update the controller if it keeps crashing after reboot?

One of the reasons for the errors is outdated firmware. Updating Xbox series controller components is as easy as plugging them into the console via the USB port. The update will run in the background, but you should be careful of do not disconnect them during installation.

How to fix a control that turns off automatically and for no reason?

One of the most common drawbacks is the controller's tendency to shut down during a game. It can be due to several reasons, but they all have their own solution for you to try.

Replace the batteries

Prolonged use of batteries, as might be expected, leads to the need to eventually replace them. A few new batteries may be sufficient to solve the problem.

Connect the controller to your console with a Micro-USB cable

When the problem persists even with new batteries, it is best to try a Micro-USB cable. Connect the controller to your Xbox Series with the cable and check its operation. If all goes well, it could mean that the error is in the controller's wireless connection.

Disconnect your console

In some cases, the problem may lie with the console itself. To check if this is the case, turn off the equipment completely and disconnect it. When you do, you can turn it back on, sync and see if everything is working normally. It should be noted that this flaw cannot be confused with Xbox Series X error 0x87E10BC6 when running a game.

What are the available solutions for a remote control that does not turn on?

When you have a totally unresponsive device on your Xbox, consider some of the following solutions:

Check that the battery contacts are working

A worn or oxidized contact can compromise the connection of the batteries. A very common situation is that they are also misplaced, so hosting them might be enough to get the controller ready.

Firmware update

As already mentioned, updates are performed by connecting a USB cable. It often happens that the background update can be interrupted by various cases, generating serious obstacles to the quality of the command. In any case, it is good to check if the firmware is up to date by accessing the configuration options on the system. In the process, they may ask you to turn on developer mode on your Xbox to perform certain actions.

Contact Xbox Customer Service

In case you still have problems with it after following the steps outlined here, you can contact Xbox support. Technicians will assist with your report and look for a viable way to resolve the issue with your command.

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