How to run MS-DOS games online or on a Windows 10 PC

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The way of play ai MS DOS games online in Windows 10 is been part of one of the best milestones ever. Since the invention of computers and private computers or operating systems between the year 1833 and the date today, games have been a part of them.

Today, information technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, providing a unique way to attract the attention of users or "players".

MS DOS online games correspond to the peculiarities of the world of video games, their versions are many, so much so that we would never finish specifying them. Video games were born mainly in MS DOS operating systems.

MS DOS games stood out at the time for their simple way of playing. Obviously, those great features they were commonly positioned for that time.

What are and where do I find the best MS-DOS games?

MS-DOS or classic games are a nostalgic form of entertainment, many enjoy rediscovering those worlds they explored years ago using their first consoles. Today we can find the games of our childhood on various pages dedicated to their loading, even if not all titles are released to play for free and legally there are thousands of games that we can enjoy easily. Some interesting sites to download free MS-DOS games are:,, and

The best games for MS DOS they occupied quite a long list, starting with the games "Gauntlet" and "Civilization" which became popular between 1988 and 1991.

All of this has evolved up to reach the Windows 10 operating system and its countless games like "Roblox" which lets you play online, another video game like "Forza" is positioned on a large Windows 10 popularity list, as it allows you to play 'Offline'.

MS-DOS games for download

One of the best MS-DOS games to download is ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ from 1990, where we play Guybrush Threepwood, a young man recently arrived on the dangerous island of Mêlée who intends to become a pirate, this game of An adventure that at first glance seems comical, will get darker and darker as we get to know the locals and we will accomplish the missions they entrust to us.

Another gem of this category is “DOOM” from 1993, a rather bloody action game whose story takes place on Mars, where a group of scientists test a teleportation device that sadly opens a portal to hell, unleashing thousands of demonic hordes. planet, our main goal is to travel the map and eliminate as many enemies as possible. 

Finally, we can mention Alone in the Dark from 1992, a classic survival horror, in which our protagonist must enter an ancient mansion full of traps, monsters and riddles, with no guarantee of escaping alive.

Alternatives to play MS-DOS online for free

Today we have the ability to access thousands of free MS-DOS games with just little a search word to the browser, we can play when we want and without downloading. Some of the best are:

Mortal Kombat is one of the best MS-DOS games that we can find for free, a video game in which you will have to face different opponents in very bloody fights, with the aim of becoming the strongest on the sand.

Street Fighter II in its MS-DOS version it is another of the best fighting games you can get online where the target continues to be the best fighter, also by playing in story mode you can get more details about each of the characters.

Finally, we recommend you Aladdin, a fun platform game based on the Disney movie released in 1992 where we will control the protagonist Aladdin while we will travel through very well made maps inspired by the film, we will collect gems, face protectors and we will even be able to control Aladdin's companion monkey, this game has very well done animations for the time.

What is an emulator?

The emulator is a software created to perform variable programs of utility on a computer or operating system other than the one on which those programs were originally run. In other words, an emulator creates the conditions necessary to be able to use a program designed for platforms other than a computer.


When we talk about VirtualBox we are referring to a software for the virtualization of operating systems inside the computer, a 'virtual machine' that will allow us to install other operating systems other than the one we already have on our PC, for example: run LINUX on a computer running Windows XP.


DosBox is an emulator which aims to recreate the 'DOS' system originally created for IBM computers. It is mainly used to emulate classic video games programmed for the MS-DOS system on a modern computer, being classified as a nostalgic emulator.

VDos per Windows 10

VDOS is an MS-DOS emulator that there allows you to enjoy various classic applications and games Without the annoying compatibility issues when running and installing "old" software on a modern computer, VDOS is available for Windows 10, which leaves it within the reach of most users.

Advantages of playing online video games on any computer

The way to play MS DOS games Online in Windows 10 includes some features compared to other games. However, each type of game has its advantages, as they include many operating systems with which they are compatible, whether on consoles, computers or phones.

Many games have the particularity of establishing communication with several servers, primarily those that are online, this type of game offers multiple advantages, such as sharing messages with other players.

Communication during an online game allows interaction with other players on strategies and game options, although there are some barriers, this type of game cannot be dismissed.

Other advantages these provide is that you can expect anything, monotony is not part of its characteristics, because, when used by ordinary people, it becomes something really unpredictable.

You never could imagine what your friend or game opponent will do, unlike playing offline, as the game's computer actions are repetitive and fairly predictable. This does not mean that a video game is harmful to be offline.

How to connect my computer to my Smart TV to play video games?

The way to play MS DOS games online in Windows 10 is fascinating, but playing from an external screen or from a TV is much better. The visual quality of a game lies in its computing power and where it is viewed.

Connecting a computer to a Smart TV is simple enough, but if you don't own one, you might be interested in turning an old TV into a Smart TV with Android.

To connect a computer to a smart TV, you need to have an HDMI cable handy and connect one end to the computer and the other end to the Smart TV, once done, go to your TV settings and look for the HDMI option, among its connection types and automatically the visual and sound part will be projected on the TV.

This is a great way to improve any video game, since the image will be enlarged and in this way the user will be able to better enjoy the game, moreover the sound will be amplified and there will be the possibility to increase the volume on the computer and the television.

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