How to save games in ARK: Survival Evolved Where are the saved games?

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Ambitious game ARK: Survival Evolved

Download and Play ARK: Survival Evolved transports you to a world full of adventures, dinosaurs, where you have to fight to survive. The characters are equipped with weapons that, just like to tame a dinosaur, they require time, effort and perseverance.

This video game is also very interesting due to the different biomes in which it develops, if you are a gamer, do not delay to know the best map of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Any seasoned player knows that to survive it must attack and defend itself and some creatures, such as i griffins, are the favorites in this fight. Like the others, to get hold of these mighty warriors you need to know where to find them and how to feed them, if you don't want them to lose strength, of course. To fully enjoy this video game it is necessary to have hosting servers and thus be able to reach high levels.

What are the servers in ARK: Survival Evolved for?

With the use of these servers, our progress is not compromised, because if it is powerful, it makes up for what our device lacks capacity. By requiring so many hours of gameplay, the server allows you to don't lose speed inside and to play without worries.

With this tool the user can have complete control over game settings, and then customize them according to your tastes. On the other hand, getting any of these results allows you to choose who plays or eliminate someone from the game. And of course, having one of these multiple servers also allows you to easily have your games saved.

How to save games in ARK: Survival Evolved

There are a few ways to save these games, but with the use of an online storage server is more secure. The main thing to save our games is to know how to log in and connect to an FTP server and do the following:

  1. The server must be stopped or stopped for approximately 5 minutes.
  2. After this time, you need to connect to your server via FTP using the relevant credentials in the server's website interface.
  3. Once inside the interface, go to " Local site ”And create a new directory where your saved games will be stored.
  4. You can then browse the saved file path by clicking "Remote site" (Ark: SE> Shooter Game> Saves> SavedARKs).
  5. Then click on the SavedARKs folder and drag it to the directory you created in the "Local Site".

Where are the saved games?

Well, we already know where to find the our precious ARK: Survival Evolved games, but how can we play it again? Follow the small steps below:

  1. To get started, you must first stop the server for about 5 minutes.
  2. Log into your server via FTP and using the data found on the server's website.
  3. Then you will navigate the same path we mentioned earlier located in "Remote Site": Ark: SE> ShooterGame> Saved.
  4. If you want to delete a game, the server restarts automatically.
  5. To have this folder in a crazy way, you can download it and go.

In local Windows files

  • Go to the local files folder or where the game was downloaded and right click on the game icon and then click "open file path".
  • Click on “Andgamedata”.
  • So open " Shooter "
  • Let's open the folder called "Save yourself" and there you will find the games or worlds you have played and saved.

With these simple steps you can save your games and resume them for continue your streak. The truth is that with these maneuvers you will not have any worries, but simply to have a pleasant experience playing ARK: Survival Evolved.

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