How to save mobile data and battery when playing Pokémon Go on Android and iPhone

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The streets of the real world are represented in the game in the form of a map where the famous ones are also present poke stops that allow the player to visit museums, art installations, monuments and historical places.

How do i start playing Pokémon Go?

To start this great adventure in Pokémon Go you will need to have a smartphone that has it of the necessary resources to run this game and you will need to create a Pokémon Go account on the official site.

If you meet these requirements, simply search for the application in the Google Play Store and download the latest version of Pokémon Go for your device.

The objective of the Pokémon Go game is not far from the normal or series version of the game, the user has as a mission to explore all the possible areas where he will find a large number of pokémon species that will have to catch and collect, which will be of great help later to participate in various tournaments and competitions from which you can get various prizes and trophies if you win.

Within this game we can find objects from the same series that will be of great help at some point in the game or that we can just use as a collection.

Among the objects that we can find are the medallions of equipment, incubators, potions and revive maximums, and the iconic poké balls that will help us when it comes to catching the pokémon that we will find on our way and that we will have to buy through the pokémoneda.

Despite its great influence and its innovative gameplay that integrates augmented reality, we cannot deny that one of the negative factors that stands out the most is the fact of need to have an internet connection for to be able to play Pokémon Go, and because we have to be in constant motion, it makes sense that a large amount of mobile data will have to be used while playing.

How much mobile data does Pokémon Go consume?

Mobile data allows users to connect to an Internet network without having to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, from a telephone network, depending on the telephone plan with which we have an agreement, we can have an unlimited amount of data for a certain time or a certain amount for a monthly period.

The consumption of mobile data when using the Pokémon Go application has many factors, as it depends on the hours of play the player has, it is known that one hour of Pokémon Go it can consume between 3 MB and 5 MB a depending on the actions taken in the game, taking this into account we can determine that by playing a couple of hours a day you will have a monthly consumption of more or less about 200 MB.

How to save mobile data and battery when playing Pokémon Go on Android and iPhone?

As you play you realize that your phone does not have a capacity of battery performance enough to last a long time when you use it, this is in the case of having a device with a low amount of mAh in the battery, although there are currently devices that have an amount of also 6000 mAh, which means more hours of use, here we can give you some tips to save mobile data and battery

  • Activate the saving mode when using the app
  • Download the Google maps of the areas you frequent the most in the application Pokémon Go, so that the consumption of mobile data is lower
  • Enable the automatic brightness function, for when you walk
  • Try disabling the camera in acquisition mode, as this is one of the functions of the mobile that can consume more battery

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