How to save WhatsApp photos and videos to the cloud with Google Photos

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At this point, you should have a backup complete with all your conversations, photos and videos WhatsApp created that you can access in case of a disaster. Remember that, otherwise, it is possible that you can lose all your WhatsApp data if you delete the application by mistake, change your mobile phone or have to send it in for repair. However, even this may not be enough.

Fortunately, there are other methods for create backup copies of received files via the messaging app and be able to access from any device, regardless of whether you have WhatsApp installed or not. To do this, simply use a platform of cloud storage come Google Foto, in which to automatically save received images, videos and GIFs.

Save your WhatsApp photos and videos in the cloud thanks to Google Photos

In its day, we already chose Google Photos as one of the best tools for creating backups of our Android devices, as it offers the ability to archive high quality photos and videos in an unlimited and totally free way. And that's exactly why Photos is also a great option for save files received from WhatsApp to create a backup and free up space on your phone, avoiding having to have the original files in the phone memory.

That said, the process for Automatically upload WhatsApp photos, videos and GIFs to Google Photos it's simple and you just have to follow a few simple steps:

1. Activate the visibility of multimedia files in WhatsApp

For the first step, we have to resort all’app WhatsApp. Once inside, our mission will be to activate the visibility of multimedia files, which causes files of this type - photos, videos and GIFs - to remain visible in the phone's gallery once downloaded.

To do this, once inside the app, tap the three-dot menu at the top right and go to "Settings". From there, you have to go up "Cat" and activate the option "Visibility of multimedia files".

2. Verify that the WhatsApp files appear in Google Photos

If you followed the steps in the previous section correctly, your photos, videos and GIFs downloaded from WhatsApp should appear in the gallery. And therefore also in Google Photos. To check this, open the app - if you haven't installed it, this is the time -, go to the section “Albums” and verify that the folders "WhatsApp Images" and "WhatsApp Images" appear in the horizontal carousel at the top of the screen "WhatsApp Video", then, you can continue. If not, be sure to you have downloaded some photos or videos from WhatsApp, otherwise the folders will be empty and won't show up in Google Photos.

3. Turn on Google Photos backup

When these folders are already available in your gallery and in Google Photos, it's time to store files in the cloud: Even if they appear in Google Photos, they are still stored in your phone's memory. To do this, the first thing to do is turn on Google Photos backup from the application settings.

So, you have to include WhatsApp image and video folders in the album set whose images will be copied from Google Photos to the cloud. You can do this by accessing each album individually and activating the switch at the top, or from the Google Photos settings, in the "Create backup and synchronize" section, in the "Device folders with backup" option.

4. (Optional) Turn on automatic file download in WhatsApp to create automatic copies

We could stop here: now, all photos and videos downloaded from WhatsApp will be safely stored in the cloud, and they will also be available if we delete them from the phone memory or from messaging app conversations. However, we can go even further and create an automatic backup of all media files received from WhatsApp.

To do it, you just have to activate automatic download of WhatsApp files if disabled. In this way, the received pictures and videos will be stored in the corresponding folders not just received and Google Photos will automatically create a backup.

Of course, remember that unless you have a Google One subscription, you should use Google Photos high quality copy mode to enjoy unlimited storage for free. If you are using the "original quality" mode for photos and videos, WhatsApp files may end up consuming all of your space.

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