How to search and add or add friends in Valorant - Invite or send a friend request

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How to find and add or add friends in Valorant

Playing alone in any video game is sometimes boring, and even more so in Valorant, where winning games sometimes goes hand in hand with having an ally or support in the games, as well as giving more excitement to the game. So surely knowing how to add friends in Valorant is very important for improve your gaming experience, so let's see step by step how you can do it.

Look for the Add Friends option

To begin the process of adding friends to the game, the first thing you need to do is locate the Add Friends button, which is located near the main menu of the game, i.e. in the lower right part of your device screen.

When you select this option, the game will ask you to enter the data of the friend you want to add to your game, this data is the ID Riot e il day of the person you will add.

Enter your riot ID and tag

The Riot ID is the name that the person you will add to the game has decided to use Valorant, but this not the same as the nickname that the person uses to access the game, as both are different terms.

On the other hand, the Tag is the number assigned by Riot Games to your Riot ID when one is selected within the game. If you don't know what your Tag is, you can find out by hovering your mouse over your Riot ID, which can be found in Valorant's main menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

After adding this information about the person you will invite to play, you need to click on the + symbol next to where you should place the Tag of the friend in question. In this way, you will officially send the invitation to your friend, you just have to accept him, so that you can see him in your friends list and you can invite him to your games.

Why can't I add friends on Valorant?

You have already managed to download and install Valorant, you have managed to create and log in to Valorant, you have followed the steps we have given you, but you have not been able to add friends to your games. If this happens, don't worry, because below we will tell you in detail what you can do if this happens to you, so that you can fix this error.

The first thing you should know is that although it is common for there to be some errors in Valorant, this problem for adding friends is not related to connection problems in Valorant. Rather, this problem is related to the fact that Valorant is constantly on beta phase of development, so some features, like adding friends, can sometimes have problems and bugs.

The Valorant player community has reported that the problem is mainly due to in-game friend requests sent, but which never reach the recipient, impeding relationships between players. However, thanks to the efforts of these players, a solution has been discovered while Riot Games solves the problem.

Gamers have found that Riot Games shares the same friends list with other games from the company, in particular Legends of Runeterra. So what you can do is add friends to this game and they will appear on Valorant, which is a really weird solution, but so far very effective.

Valorant is a video game that is really worth playing and even more so if you have some friends to have fun with and with a bit of luck, even win it and enjoy the victory together.

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