How to search and find files based on their extension on my Windows PC

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Knowing the correct tricks is a process that can be done at any time. Today you will learn the simplest ways to search for files based on their extension in this Microsoft operating system, but before starting we recommend that you defrag your hard drive in Windows 10, a recommended process before starting extensive research in case you haven't done so already. soon.

What is the file extension?

It may sound a bit complicated, but the file extension isn't something that hard to figure out. In short, we can define them as a small name added after the dot that defines the characteristics and nature of the file.

In other words, we can determine that the file extension is what indicates the type of content it has. The extensions they exist to indicate both the computer and the user who has the contents of the file.

How to search and find files based on their extension on my Windows PC

Fortunately, the work operating Windows works perfectly to easily search for documents and files. In any case, if you have doubts about and especially in the searches related to extensions, read the following information carefully.

On the other hand, you can also search for files based on their date range, although it is a slightly different process than what we will present below, but it is no less useful for that.

Search for files with specific extension on your pc

Searching for files by their extension is useful in several cases, which is why it's something you should know if you use Windows constantly. Follow the steps below to search for documents based on their extension.

  1. Go to the folder or hard drive where you want to search for your file. In case you don't know where you are, contact the Team.
  2. La search box will appear in the upper right part of Windows Explorer , who is where you enter the information you want on your computer.
  3. In this case, since you want to search for an extension, you will not enter the computer name, but will write the extension, suppose it is Jpg, in which case you will have to write . Png (adding the dot to the beginning). To start the search, press the button Enter.
  4. Depending on whether you have selected a folder with few documents or a location with many files, the duration of the process will vary. Wait until all results are displayed on the screen

Using the above method you can easily locate the files in based on their extension. This is especially useful if you want to search for documents and files in specific formats, such as images, videos or Word, Excel documents, etc.

If, on the other hand, you want to search all the photos saved on your PC, you can read the previous guide in which we present a method suitable for this purpose, taking advantage of some of the advantages of Windows 10.

Find files and organize them by their extension

This method is the same as the previous one, but at the same time it allows you to search all files present in a specific folder. Something that is particularly useful in case you are looking for documents with several specific extensions.

  1. Go to the folder where you want to find your documents. Once you are there, go to the search box at the top and right.
  2. To search for all documents and files in the folder just type a period (.) In this way all documents and files will be displayed on the screen regardless of their name or extension.
  3. To organize the documents according to their extension, what you need to do is right-click on the folder with the results and click on Show and then Details.
  4. At the top, various characteristics relating to the results will then be displayed. Click on the tab Market, in this way they will be organized according to their extension. In case the Type tab doesn't appear, right click on any tab and enable it.

Using this method, you can to organize easily multiple documents and files of different extensions. This way you will be able to search and find documents based on the extension that each of them has.

In any case, there are various methods to search for documents and files, in fact it is possible to search for files / folders in Windows simply by typing, being another option if you want to find important documents and files.

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