How to search and find images from another image?

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Thanks to the variety of engines di search on the web we can find everything we want to know since these tools work with powerful search engine, which by the way you can also change the search engine in Chrome, Opera, Firefox and practically any browser, for results in seconds.

However, user searches are not limited to information sources alone. Also, you can get results from a image file as you will see below.

 How to search and find images from another image?

The interest of users when searching the web has no limits. And the teams responsible for providing improvements to the search engine structure know this very well. For this reason, functions have been added that allow you to find images from another image.

Thanks to this functionality, we can know the origin and / or provenance of certain images, their attributes and other properties which can be very useful if we need specific details to expand on the information we have obtained.

Image search based on an image is likely to help you find out if a website uses an image that you own without permission. At the same time, you allows you to access other similar images. In this way, you exploit the results obtained for academic and / or professional purposes.

In fact, we explain through this tutorial several ways to search and find images from another image, but first remember that you can search all lost photos on your PC if you are looking for a lost image.

First of all, you must have a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari) if you are using your personal computer. Next, you should know that the most popular search platforms (Google e Bing) have very easy to use image search engines.

Search from pictures

As mentioned above, we have access to two excellent search engines which will allow us to locate the images very easily, please read the following information carefully

Google Images

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, in fact you can search and download full HD images with Google Chrome without major problems. One of its qualities is the efficiency in the presentation of results related to the search for information. About that Google has a very useful tool called “Google images” which gives added value to the famous search engine.

Initially, you have to select the ”Google Images” option from the official Google page. Next, you will see a camera icon and the option Search by image ; by clicking there you will have the option to upload an image. Select the image you want to search from your computer and Google will start the process.

In addition to uploading an image, we can drag and drop it to Google's image search tool. This strategy is much faster and the result is just as effective.

Now, if the image is not on your hard drive but on a website, then you have to copy the URL of the site and in Google images you will find a text box where you will have to paste the URL and click on “Search by image”. This way you will get your search results in seconds.

Note that you can also search and view GIFs in Google images. In fact, the platform allows for a lot more than is worth knowing.


The Bing search engine also offers the search for images. This tool is very easy to use and also has additional functions to convince the user even more.

From the official Bing page you have to go to the section Images. There you will find a search bar and a camera icon. By clicking on this icon you can take a photo, select the image you want to search the web or paste a URL. All of these options are handled in a similar way by Google.

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