How to search for old or recent videos on a Youtube channel

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To date, after more updates, YouTube makes it very easy to show both the old and the newest videos of a channel. And today we're going to show you how easy it is.

The utility of viewing old and recent videos on a YouTube channel

In fact, look at the old videos of our favorite channels is feasible, in fact this procedure is very simple. However, you may be wondering what the purposes of using this option provided by YouTube are.

Find a video you saw a long time ago

This tool can be very useful if you want to locate an old video that caught your attention. Through this option, the only thing you should know is the channel that posted the video, organizing the video from oldest to newest it is very likely that you will find that audiovisual that you liked so much.

See the beginnings of a channel you like

Many times the curiosity arises to see how the beginnings of one of our favorite YouTubers were, luckily this can be done very easily. With the options provided by YouTube you will be able to see the first ones published videos from that figure on the platform you have seen so many times.

Similarly, it is also advisable to search for videos within a YouTube channel, in this way you will more effectively see the evolution of a channel on the platform.

How to search for old or recent videos on a Youtube channel

If you want to see the oldest or newest videos of a channel, keep in mind that the process is quite simple, just a few clicks and you will be able to find those videos that you are looking for so much. Please read the following guide carefully:

  1. The first step, as usual, is to log into yours account YouTube via your computer. Once you're inside YouTube, it's time to go through the steps to watch both old and new videos from a channel.
  2. You must first find the channel you want to see this information from. If you are subscribed to the channel, you will need to see the channels you are subscribed to on YouTube and select the one you want to watch.
  3. In case you are not subscribed to the channel, you have to write the name of the channel in the classic search engine of the platform. YouTube's search system is very good, so you will most likely find the channel you want to watch easily.
  4. If the channel you are looking for appears, click on it. The system will automatically redirect you to that channel.
  5. YouTube usually takes you to the Home tab. Either way, you should go up Video.

Organize videos from your favorite channels by upload date and popularity

  1. To see the older videos of a channel, you just need to click on the option Sort by.
  2. There will be several options, but you will need to click Upload date (oldest). This will show older videos from a specific channel.
  3. In case you want to see the latest videos, you need to click on the option to sort and select Upload date (latest) this will show the new videos of the channel.
  4. The last option you can select is Più popolari, in this way the videos with the most visits to the channel will be shown.

Another way you can have all your channel information more organized is to use Pocket Tube which is used to organize your subscriptions on YouTube. Something particularly useful for those who constantly subscribe to many channels.

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