How to search or find a person on Facebook by their mobile number?

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This idea has been so well received that since its inception it has had thousands of registrants, who have identified with this idea. Facebook gradually grew to what it is today.

How to search or find a person on Facebook by their mobile number?

The social network Facebook currently has 2.449 million active users worldwide. Thus becoming one of the most popular social networks to date, Facebook is constantly growing and evolving.

In this way it always remains at the forefront, offering tools for its users to interact in a better way. With this social network we can upload photos, videos or photos and videos at the same time, thoughts among many other things.

What we share can be seen from how many followers I have, our friends on Facebook. As well as how we can see what people are sharing we have added to our friends list.

We can also send messages to our friends that are sent and received instantly. Other than these, there are many tools that Facebook offers to make the experience much more enjoyable.

When we create an account on this social network, we enter some data that make up our profile. Like, our name, date of birth, place of residence, contact numbers, our tastes and a number of other notes that describe us.

Through these profiles we identify ourselves, as well as we can see the profiles of other users. In this way we can select which people may or may not be our friends on Facebook.

It is very important to know the methods we can use for find people, the most common is by name. But we can also do it by other means, such as the telephone number. In this article, we will learn how to search or find a person on Facebook via their mobile number.

Steps to search for people on Facebook based on their mobile number

If we want to find someone by their number, the first thing we need to do is enter our account. To do this we open our trusted browser, in the search bar we enter the official Facebook page.

With our email and password we log in, once logged into our account we go to the bar "Find friends" located at the top of the screen. There we click and let's write the number di phone of the person we want to find and let us enter.

Automatically we will get the profile of the person we are looking for, now we can enter your profile. It should be noted that for this option to work, the person must have previously registered the phone number in their Facebook account.

Steps to find people in the Facebook app by their mobile number

Facebook also offers us its services from a mobile application, if we want to search for friends through their phone number from this application, we just have to do the following. We enter the Facebook application from our mobile.

There we log in with our email and password, then select the bar "Find friends" located at the top of the screen. Now we write the mobile number of the person we want to find and give "Search", so we will have the profile we were looking for.

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the social networks that offers us an attractive and easy to use interface, but at the same time offers us tools of great interest, with which users can feel at ease.

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