How to sell from WhatsApp and earn more money (2021)

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WhatsApp continues to reinvent itself to offer its users something more than a messaging platform, introducing new functions such as sending and receiving money or the shopping cart, a tool with which you can buy directly on WhatsApp.

Just like you can buy, too on WhatsApp you can sell the products of your shop.

More than 2.000 million users regularly use this messaging network, a figure which highlights the great opportunity that the sale via WhatsApp represents for your business.

If you have not yet joined this initiative, you can find out in this guide what you need to sell on WhatsApp, what steps you need to follow to do this and the benefits it can bring you, as well as some tips on the online sales process.

Selling on WhatsApp can be a major boost for your business.

What do I need to sell on WhatsApp?

Buying on WhatsApp is an option that brings stores even closer to users who don't even have to leave the app to buy products, but who is on the other side of the process?

Well, you can represent the role of the seller if you are an entrepreneur and want to improve your sales. First of all, to sell on WhatsApp it is necessary create a company profile on WhatsApp Business, the version of the messaging service aimed at businesses.

You can add a business description, opening hours, address, website, and email to that account so potential buyers can quickly access that information.

Obviously you must also enter the business phone number, which we recommend that it be private and that it does not interfere with your personal phone number. When they want to contact you, users will see in the chat that it is a company profile.

Another requirement you need to fulfill to sell on WhatsApp Business is upload a catalog with all the products on the platform of your store and related information. Thus, by clicking on the cart, the user can see the catalog and decide what he wants to buy. After that, you will receive a message with all the details of your order.

In short, what you need to sell on WhatsApp is to download WhatsApp Business, create a company profile for your business and add all information a regarding so that users know what you offer them, what are the opening hours or log in to the website to get more data.

What are the advantages of selling on WhatsApp?

First of all, and as we said at the beginning, selling on WhatsApp is an incredible opportunity to increase your business thanks to the billions of users who use the platform. Whatsapp quickly and easily brings you closer to potential buyers, who just need to add your business phone number to start the purchase process.

Another benefit of selling on WhatsApp is that you can talk quietly with the buyer to give him all the information he needs about the products before buying them. Therefore, a relationship will be created between you which will make it easier for the user to trust your store.

We cannot ignore the different functions that WhatsApp Business offers you, such as the possibility of configure welcome messages with which to capture the customer's attention with a good first impression.

It's always good to offer new ways to buy to users, and WhatsApp is one of the best you can turn to today. Furthermore, it's a free tool, you don't have to invest anything to use its services to sell your store's products in it.

What should I do to sell on WhatsApp with my business?

Step by step, we will see what is the process to follow in WhatsApp Business to create a company profile and sell with your business. It's a simple process, even if you have to pay be careful not to get lost in any of its phases. We started!

Download WhatsApp Business on your mobile

The first thing you should do is download the WhatsApp Business application on your mobile, that business-focused tool we've talked about throughout this article.

We have already seen that it is in WhatsApp Business where you have to manage everything related to your company, so download the free app for Android before continuing with the sales process on WhatsApp. As a clarification note, users don't need to have this version to purchase.

Create a company profile and add information

When you first open WhatsApp Business, the it will ask you for a phone number with which you will register your company profile. We have already discussed that it is advisable to have a particular number for the business, which is the one you need to use when creating your account.

Next, you have to select a category for your business: hotels, clothing and accessories, beauty, cosmetics and personal care… If you can't find the category of your shop, you can use the superior search engine.

After clicking on "Next", it will be time to enter the your business name, a description of your business and your address. Plus, if you click on the top circle, you can also add a profile picture. All of these details are important in providing information about your business to customers.

So you will have already created a profile for your business on WhatsApp Business, although there are still things to do if you want to sell properly on WhatsApp.

Take advantage of all the features of WhatsApp Business

Once you've created your business profile, WhatsApp Business will invite you to explore those tools focused on improving your relationship with customers. You can also manage these settings from the section "Business tools" in your account settings.

Some of these functions are the configuration of a absence message, un welcome message, quick replies, labels for organizing chats and customers and the edition of your company profile, which you always have the possibility to modify.

Enter "Tools for the company" and discover one by one the interesting functions of WhatsApp Business, all focused on improving your profile.

Add product catalog

One of the tools of the business version of the messaging platform is "Catalog", which, as we have seen, is essential for selling your products on WhatsApp.

Under "Business Tools", click on "Catalog". Within this section, you have to add your products with the "Add article" button. In each of them you can add images, enter their name and, optionally, specify their price.

It can be expensive work to add all the products you sell into your business, but having a good catalog is essential for customers they know the items you sell, what they look like and their price.

Talk to buyers and start selling

You have already set up your company profile in WhatsApp Business, it's time to start selling through the service. We remind you that not only can you do it through the mobile app, you can always use WhatsApp Web for chat with buyers from your PC.

3 tips for selling on WhatsApp

The technical part is already solved, now you have to manage your company profile well to reach the maximum number of customers possible. First of all we advise you to spread the phone number of your business, as this will be what will allow buyers to contact you to buy from you via WhatsApp.

Second, you need to manage your conversations with customers well, treat them politely and always answer any questions they may have about your services and products. If you do, the buyer will trust you for future purchases.

Finally, we recommend that you keep your business catalog up to date in so that customers always see the products that are actually available. It wouldn't be good for a buyer to request an item and you have to decline it because you haven't sold it in months.

In short, everything is about keeping an up-to-date company profile, showing all the information the buyer needs and, of course, offering the best customer service possible through WhatsApp, since obviously we want you to return to our business in the future.

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