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And now more than the platform has been optimized by developers now Valorant allows you a virtual interaction deeper with the players, improving his communication system between the players.

In this article we will tell you how Valorant messages work and the steps to send messages to other players

Do I need to post on Valorant?

To start we must have correctly downloaded and installed Valorant. As follows, we need to create an account and log into the Valorant platform. This is to ensure that all functions can be performed ideally. Ensure the efficiency of the game and a great gaming session.

Now, if you are already well versed in the game, the question if  do i have to send messages? As you know, this is a game where the action will be seen firsthand.

In the same way, Valorant is enshrined in the game plan that explodes the experience to the maximum, making the user the center of attention of the game.

All this achieved through a first person view, being a game mode like this, all the attention should be focused on the player character, or at least in theory it should be. Many resort to communication, that is, to messages, not as what it represents; that is to say, a medium of exchange.

Some resort to messages as an escape from their frustrations and anger due to poorly executed actions at the time of the game, or due to unexpected dispensations that circumvent the integrity of what would be called a flawless game, for which they try to send messages to players other users to claim.

Remember this is not necessary. It is not necessary to resort to such methods. We can do a lot better and prove our playing prowess it does not depend on late or hasty actions of others.

How to send messages, write to everyone and chat by voice

We will make a conjunction, in the section sending messages and writing for everyone. We remind you that action and efficiency will be subordinated to the good performance of the strategies you think about, it is useless to have the best action and attack strategy and cannot be implemented due to lack of communication.

Sending messages and writing for everyone can be done with the same goal and therefore with the same purpose, triumph. Being an adrenaline-pumping and action-packed environment, you can't afford an archaic menu to send your messages.

This is done by a preprogrammed command which is performed with the Shift keys, added in unison with the Enter key where a messaging panel is displayed.

The actions to do it for everyone will be subject to the particular case that is carried out, so for example we can send through this command in the conglomerate of options, direct messages to the team, this will include the appendix of "all" positions, all who are in the team will receive it, this option stands out because the renunciation of the team is marked on the side.

If, on the other hand, you want to send it so that the general conglomerate, that is, all the users who interact, can see it. We can opt for the "all" section and so on what is written will be appreciated by all.

In this order of ideas, we must return to the possibility of voice messages in Valorant. Remember that comfort is everyone's request, so writing in full action can be impractical.

There is the possibility to configure a default key to be able to issue voice messages, which facilitates the game and takes communication to another level. We just have to refer to the configuration space and follow the guidelines indicated by the game for to be able to send voice messages in Valorant.

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