How to send photos and videos in Telegram from your gallery

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Telegram is an amazing instant messaging application, capable of taking much beyond the basic functionality of applications of this style. Also, you will not have any problems installing on your device, since being cross-platform, it is present in all of them operating systems current.

While it doesn't have the same popularity as other applications like WhatsApp, it does have a large number of active users in all over the world and its multiple channels and groups are always active.

Undoubtedly, Telegram's versatility is one of its most influential points, especially since you can use it without having to install the app on Android. And as expected you can send files, messages, secret chats and more.

For this reason, today we will show you how to send photos, videos and images you have in your gallery on Telegram, from (PC, Android and iOS) to family and friends.

How to send files, photos, videos and images on Telegram

Sending multimedia files in Telegram from your computer, Android and iOS is very simple. You just have to keep in mind that the transfer speed will depend on your internet connection and of course every file is protected and safe thanks to the end-to-end encrypted chats. These are the steps to follow:

Give Android and iOS

  • Launch the application Telegram.
  • Log in to chat a you want to send the file to.

  • In the lower right part of the application it is present a clip icon, you need to click on it.
  • It will automatically display the latest photos and videos archived in your gallery. Telegram gives you the ability to access the camera for a new photograph.
  • Select images or videos desired and press the "send" icon, which is located at the bottom right.

  • Hello, the contact you have chosen will receive the photos, videos and images without any problems.

Another easy way to send files on Telegram is to go directly to your gallery, select the photo, video or image, look for the option "Share> Telegram> Chat> Send".

From the PC

It was previously mentioned that Telegram is cross-platform, it gives you the ease of using the same account on different devices. Its functions allow the synchronization of files between both computers (mobile phone - computer).

In this case, to send photos, videos and images in Telegram from your PC, follow these steps:

  • Launch the application Telegram or from the web version.
  • Locate the group or chat a you want to send the file to.

  • In the lower left there is a clip icon, you need to click on it.
  • A new window called will open "Choose file". Here you have to locate the files you want to send chat chat.

  • You will be able to perform multiple selections of files and with different formats.
  • Then, it will show a window with two options: "Send as photo" o "Send as file". The difference is in the quality, since when you send a photo it compresses it, but when you send it as a file it respects the initial weight.
  • Finally, if necessary, add a comment and press "Send".

Another safe way to send files from your computer via Telegram is: copy the file from your gallery and paste it directly into the chat, you can use shortcuts “Ctrl+C” e “Ctrl+V”. You can also send the information by dragging the file from anywhere on your computer to the indicated chat.

As you will see, Telegram It is not limited to just photos, videos and images. You will also have the option of send any file format you have in your gallery, for example: documents, compressed files, ISO files ,.dll files, real-time locations, contact list and more. You just have to be aware that you don't get over 1,5 GB allowed by the app.

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