How to share a network printer on Windows and MacOS computers?

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This is a function you may not know you can perform between these seemingly different systems. But it turns out that they can be connected perfectly and get along very well, you can even share files. All this through the same home network and then use the same printer without any problem.

We have already taught you in a previous article, how to set up and add a printer to Google Cloud Print in Windows 10. And how you can control it is something very simple to do. But in this tutorial we will teach you how to share a network printer on windows and macOS computers?

How to share a network printer on Windows and MacOS computers

To get started, we will tell you how to share a network printer on windows computer and the first thing you should do is go to the Network and Sharing Center. This is located in the Control Panel, when you are inside this window you need to create a clip on the Change Advanced Sharing Settings option.

Then you need to enable the File Sharing box and printers, now go to the Control Panel and the list of connected printers. Navigate to the one you want to share and right click, a menu of options will appear and you need to select Printer properties. Now you need to click on the Share tab.

After that you need to enable the Sharing option and you also need to give it a name, you also need to enable the Enable File and Printer Sharing option. Now to be able to access a shared printer. You will go to Windows File Explorer and click on the Network option.

This action will locate the computers connected to your local network, now you will double click on PC Windows. To see the printer you share with your team, now select the printer and click to add and configure it. If you shared the printer from a Mac, you need to install Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows.

How to share a network printer on MacOS computers

For these types of systems used by Apple, there is no way for you to share a printer like you do in Windows. To share the printer, you have to do it via the Bonjour protocol included by Apple. What should we do then, we'll go to the Apple menu and make a clip, then select System Preferences.

Having done that, let's create a clip on the Printers and Scanners option, now you need to select the printer you want to share. And you will click the Share this printer on network option box. In the Sharing Preferences button you need to click and you also need to make sure printer sharing is enabled.

Now, in order to access a shared printer in macOS, you need to do the following. You need to go to the Printers and Scanners panel and click the + button, then select the Add Printer or Scanner option. You can add this option from the dialog box offered by other applications that allow the use of printers.

And you just need to hook the Add Printer option and it will show you the dialog box. Now on the Windows icon you have to click and choose the Windows PC you are sharing the printer with. And in this way we have taught you in a simple and step by step way how to share a network printer on windows and macOS computers.

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