How to share calls on Skype? - Easy and safe

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This option can be done as long as you have added the user to your address book and the other person accepts it. This way, the person you share the screen with will be able to see the desktop of your PC as if it were in front of the monitor.

How to share your screen with another user on Skype

To start sharing your screen with another user on Skype, you just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Start by logging into your Skype account.
  2. Next, locate the contact you want to make the video call with. Next, start the videoconference. For that, go to the Calls section, then hit the camera button and start the action.
  3. When the videoconference has started, you should go to the options section, where you will see a special icon with the symbol +. Once located, you need to press it.
  4. Once pressed, you will notice that a bar will appear with different options, among which you have to locate the one to share B. Once pressed, you will see that it will launch a small alert and then you have to press " accepts ".
  5. Once accepted, you can see that the other person can start seeing everything you see from your desktop.

As you can see, these are very simple and quick steps with which you can share your screen and have it viewed by another user. This can be a very useful option when you need remote assistance or have some kind of problem with yours PC.

How this option works

If the conversation you are having is within a device, Windows, Mac  o Linux, the screen sharing action can be totally different when you access it.

It is important to know what this option is compatible alone with audio and video calling options, however it is almost impossible to do it with just a common chat, as the sending and sample of the files would be the same.

When the “Share screen” option is activated, it is possible to make a screencast that directly shows us what the other user sees in real time.

Grab a screen share from an iOS or Android device

If you use the Skype application from your smartphone or Android tablet, you can use the screen sharing function. However, this will not be as good as the version mobile devices. Despite this, it is good that you know how to update it and the benefits it can bring for you.

As with the desktop version, the split screen function works through various composite tables with which both users will be able to clearly see how the screen and applications of the person who is sharing that screen appear at any time.

As with the desktop version, you just have to enter the call and click the "More" button and then look for the option " share screen "

While this is a very little known option, it is quite interesting and useful to use. However, it is an application that is only available for those Android 6 or later devices.

Likewise, you should know that the use of video calling involves a large expense in the use of the battery of your cellphone and your mobile data, so you can use Skype offline, but in the opposite case it is necessary that you use it in a consent to your internet connection to avoid extra charges on your cell phone bill.

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