How to share internet connection from Android to iPhone? - Step by step

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That is why the development of these computers does not just satisfy the need Internet access. If not, they are constantly improving so that we can use this connection with better performance by our teams.

For this reason, in this article we will focus on the detailed explanation of how to share internet connection from android to iphone. As no doubt, these smartphones are becoming more and more involved in our world and in our daily life.

What is the internet connection?

In basic terms, we can define it as the Internet connection a an unlimited database where we can practically get everything we are looking for, from recipes to improve the cooking method, to the repair process on a specific piece of equipment.

Its definition according to the first label when accessing any page, that is (www) are the initials of the words World Wide Web, which translate into Spanish World Wide Web. And it is one of the pillars that currently move the world in different areas linked to socio-economic factors.

How do smartphones access the internet?

Smartphones have a wide variety of tools, many of which require or are directly related to the Internet, that is, without a connection they cannot fully function. Some allow use, but only in a small fraction of all functions.

For example, social networks like Facebook and Instagram are responsible for downloading a low amount of content, so that the user can see when not connected to the internet. But sadly, this little content will only be enough to distract you for a few minutes.

That's why the vast majority of smartphone is equipped with a technology that allows access to the Internet via a small chip which allows wireless reception of this signal. In such a way that it receives either the service through the company providing the line, or a Wi-Fi network.

What is mobile data?

Mobile data is the service provided by the company to which the cell phone line is associated, among the most famous in Latin America there are Claro and Movistar. It is important to clarify that the speed of this service is not linked only to the issuer's part, in this case the company.

The technology of the equipment also has a great influence. Since the creation of Smartphones there have been 3 very different categories, the first is the equipment that is able to receive data in 2G, the second is the equipment that receives in 3G and finally 4G.

How to share internet connection from Android to iPhone?

Oddly enough, not only is it possible to share the data connection from an Android to a mobile phone that works with the iOS system, it is also very simple. The first thing is to know how to use the data sharing feature.

On most devices this option is found in network-settings. What we need to do is activate it from the Android device and identify it with a name, then we look for it in the reti Wi-Fi available on the iPhone, we connect and place the key if it has it.

When the connection ends automatically, the internet will be shared, which means the iPhone will be able to access the programs that require the connection as long as Android has data. This tool is really useful when iPhones have network problems.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we like to hear from you opinion that have you been able to share the internet connection of an Android iPhone device? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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