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This is the case with the social network Instagram and Facebook, because now you can share your stories at any time, but how to share my instagram stories on facebook.

This is a great question and has a very simple answer, if you stay with us and keep reading you will find it. This functionality has only recently begun to be implemented and is being introduced to us little by little. This is why we ask you not to be impatient so that you can learn to share my Instagram stories on Facebook.

We also need to remind you that this feature will be different on the device you use it on and it will depend on whether it is iOS or Android. It is also important to clarify that in order for our stories to be shared, we must first link the accounts Instagram and Facebook. Otherwise it will be impossible to carry out our task.

How to connect our Facebook accounts to Instagram

This is generally a very simple step to perform, but we need to have our account first Facebook open, login and have it ready. Having done this previously, we must go to the Instagram icon, select and wait for the application to load. We log into our account and being there we will go to the settings option.

So let's look at the different options there are, the option of Linked Accounts. And voila, this action will be performed automatically and you will already have your Instagram and Facebook accounts connected.

In a very simple way. You will have completed this first step for being able to share your stories. Keep in mind which at any time can reverse the Facebook linking process for Instagram.

How to share my Instagram Stories on Facebook

If we have already performed the previous step of linking our accounts, we only need to configure the options that allow us to share our stories. The next step we need to take in case our team has the Android operating system. It will go to the Instagram configuration settings, to activate the feature.

Being in the Instagram application, we have to go to the configuration part, we do this by going to the top right and clicking on the icon that shows three short horizontal lines. Next you will select the jagged circle icon by pressing it.

Different options will be displayed and you will have to choose Privacy and security, a series of options will be presented again from which you will choose Story controls. In this case, a new window will open and show several options with which you can change your Instagram settings.

In our case, we will look for what we need to activate and for this we will go to Share your story on Facebook. We will get a sliding button that we have to select and direct it to the right. This button will change color and turn blue, indicating that the function has been activated successfully.

There is also the option of share your Instagram stories on Facebook, directly without the need to perform these previous steps. But this will only allow you to share once, if you prefer to do it this way you should do the following:

First step, you have to enter your profile in the application Instagram and create a new story, when you do, an icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. In this name icon Your Stories you have to select it and automatically you will post your story not only on Instagram but also on Facebook.

On computers running the iOS operating system, sharing stories is very similar to this step. Since at the end of our story and we want to share it, an option will appear to be able to share the story with Facebook. And as you will see, it is very simple in any operating system  share my instagram stories on facebook.

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