How to share my PC screen with other users online for free

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The methods we will use are quite varied, so that everyone has the opportunity to share their screen with friends, co-workers, people they know via the Internet, etc. With these methods you can share what you are doing on your PC with whoever you want.

They are popular applications that are fairly well known and you probably had no idea that they had an option to share your computer screen. We will go into details a little further below.

How to share my PC screen on the Internet

There are many ways to share your screen with people on the internet. Then we will look at the best applications you can use to share your screen.


Believe it or not, the social network has an option to share your screen with your friends. Obviously you will need a account Facebook e del browser Google Chrome. This method consists of sharing your screen with friends you have added on Facebook and with whom you can talk via Messenger.

To do this, you simply have to start a conversation and then click on " Video call "Only now you will have to choose the" Share screen "option that you can see below. If you are a gamer, you will also have the option to stream a game with Facebook Gaming.


Obviously one of the applications par excellence to carry out calls, video calls and capture our computer screen it's Skype. The quality of the calls is remarkable and, above all, their stability. If you intend to share a screen via Skype, we recommend that you do so with as stable a connection as possible.

Video calls, calls and when share your computer screen, all this is done in Full HD with an impressive quality to appreciate in this way everything in detail. It is one of the most recommended for screen sharing and video calling in general. On top of that you will have the option to connect Skype with your PS3 console's camera if you have one.

Share my computer screen with my friends online e Discord

Another alternative we have to share your screen without having to install absolutely anything is with since all we have to do is enter the website and then sign up.

This web service not only takes care of screen sharing (which we can do via a link, that simple) but you can too send messages, make calls or video calls and many other very interesting things to communicate with other people without downloading any app.

As you can see, these options are really interesting and above all very simple to make. Likewise, we advise you in case you wish share your computer screen with friends while you play, in these cases it is better to use Discord, as it is perfectly prepared to perform this function.

Furthermore, Discord has other very interesting options focused on those people who like the world of video games in general. You can find in the mobile app or in the version from the browser on the PC, several communities where making friends is not complicated at all. So don't wait any longer and sign up for Discord to enjoy its extensive list of options.

Now that you know how to share my pc screen with users online and totally free, DON'T hai more excuses not to. Likewise, if you want to recommend a screen sharing app, you can leave it in the comments a little further down.

In the same way as if you have any doubts or questions you want to ask us. The comments section is below this article.

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