How to share or repost a story from an Instagram story you were previously mentioned in

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How to repost a story in which I have been mentioned?

Stories are characterized by being post that are deleted after 24 hours and which are stored in our instagram stories log, i.e. in our personal account, so that it is easy to share photos or images without having to post them in our account feed, however many make the mistake of capturing a screen not knowing how to repost a story in which they mention us.

  1. Consider having the account in public and not in private because a private account on Instagram means total privacy, in this way you cannot be tagged in the stories and you will not be able to repost that story so it would be better to have the account in public where everyone can tag you without any inconvenience.
  2. Check your message bar, it is located in a corner of your mobile phone is a cloud, at the moment of being tagged you can understand that a message is about to reach the message bar of the person who tagged you, in addition to this you go to be able to notice that in the chat you see a small preview of the story that has been uploaded and where you have been mentioned.
  3. In the preview of the photo that was mentioned to you, a bar should appear below where it points us to add to our instagram story, click that blue bar and wait for it to load, it usually takes longer if it's a long video or story that includes music or motion, i.e. it usually takes time when it's not a photo or image, so don't despair.

In this way you will already have the story you were tagged in on your instagram displayed on your device, you just need to share the story, after it is uploaded, check your instagram bubble in the section where the stories are at the top of the screen, you will notice that you have actually reposted the story you were mentioned in.

Stories you have been mentioned or tagged in are also saved in your photo log which is in your account file, you can see it at the top of your profile where there are three stripes in the right corner, there is an icon with a clock and an arrow pointing back to where file is titled, there you will find all the stories you have uploaded since opening instagram.

You can see both the stories you have reposted and the stories you have uploaded, all this organized chronologically so that it is easier to search, you can also view it as if it were a calendar where the months, days and years in which you appeared Stories loaded and in which you were mentioned and together you shared.

Can I repost on instagram feed?

In case there they were doubts, one of the limitations of Instagram is that you cannot repost a post feed, that is, if someone has uploaded a photo in which they have tagged you, but it is not a story but a photo that is uploaded in the news section these photos cannot be republished as they belong to the feed of the person who uploaded the photo, it will appear in the news section where you will appear tagged.

However, there is a section in the instagram profile where it allows you to see the images or photos in which you have been tagged, you just have to access your profile, where all your information will be and there are also your uploaded photos, on the right side before your profile photo catalog starts there is a portrait icon or button in a drop, it is next to a squares icon, in it you allows you to see the photos in which you have been tagged.

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