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Literally many are those who go into whim mode and rant or squirm in annoyance at this unprecedented situation. What happens, the first thing they think is that Facebook has blocked them or that their account has been hacked.

Facebook is an application that allows you to share what you do, think or want, that's why in addition to sharing photos and videos you can share and send songs.

Facebook strengthens privacy

In general, what happens in these cases is that Facebook has strengthened its security policies and measures to offer greater privacy to its users. Here we will interact with you on how to share a Facebook post that you don't have to share.

It happens that some of these new security measures are affecting some of the advantages that Facebook offers in the daily exchange of information that takes place between users.

In short, some tricks whose purpose is to generate a benefit for the users of this frenetic social network have ended up hit those who ultimately intend to benefit from it, ohh dilemmas of life on the web!

What to do in these cases?

One of the collateral damage, if you can define it that way, is that the possibility of "to share".

How absurd! You think, when you arrive on your wall, in the news section, with a post, a photograph, an image or any information that you find interesting and that you intend to share with your followers and only the options of: "Comment" e "I like".

Who would think of setting up a social network like Facebook so that later on it doesn't allow you to exchange or share relevant information? However, it is not an irreparable evil.

How to share a Facebook post that has no shares

Commonly, what happens in these cases when you get information on Facebook that does not give you the ability to share, is because the user or group in which it was generated, does not have the privacy option activated in "Public" mode..

It often happens that when you set up your profile. The user includes in their own privacy formalities that make their data not made public, thus disabling the possibility that their followers or friends can in turn share said publications.

That is why in this section we have decided to show you how to share a post on Facebook that you do not have to share, and in this way you can continue to interact with your friends on common interests. Next, we show you the steps that must be followed in order for a publication, which appears as private, can be shared with your followers.

  • First, it finds the publication you want to share. Three dots appear in the upper right corner of publications, click on them. Click on the option  Edit privacy, activate the function "Public" instead of just "friends".

This way, you will already have the ability to share any post, image, video, etc. with your followers. Problem solved!

In addition to sharing images that don't have the sharing option, you can also share images from one page to another.

Reasons why the share option does not appear on Facebook

Facebook never has removed the button or option to share , but now he's selecting the posts he allows to share and the ones he doesn't. In a way, it makes sense because it doesn't make sense to offer the ability to share if the post is configured so that it can only be seen by your contacts, that's why when we share a post with private settings, it can only be seen by friends we have. shared with the person who wrote the original post.

How to enable the sharing option on Facebook

It all depends on the settings on the privacy that you have entered in your profile, for this reason other users will not be able to share our publications. In case you want to allow sharing a publication worldwide, you need to find the publication you want to share and look for the icon with the three dots at the top, then press it and a pop-up menu appears, just click on edit publication and a button appears just below our name indicating who you shared the publication with.

Chances are you're in the only option of sharing with friends, and if so, you need to put them in public and click save and that's it. From that moment on, the publication will be available to be viewed and shared by any user.

Is it possible to share Facebook posts that don't need to be shared?

If you really like a Facebook post and want to share it with your friends but it doesn't come out or you don't have it possibility to share it , don't worry, here we will explain how to do it in a very easy, fast and simple way.

Share posts with links

The option to share a post on facebook that does not have the share button takes place via link , it's a very easy thing to do; You just have to search for the publication you want to share and go to the top right where the three dots appear and click on it, a menu will open there and you have to select the option that says copy link. So what you should do is go to your profile and in the box to post something there you will copy the selected link and voila, you give it to post and that way the post will come out.

Users decide on their privacy

In conclusion, Facebook friends did not remove the option "Share" from the options menu. What happens is that now, for the protection of greater privacy of its users. There sharing function is reserved only to those elements that appear as "Public" in their origin.

Another way to keep your privacy on Facebook is to make your photos private so they can only be seen by your friends.

In a way, what the company means is that users continue to be in the hands of what they want to share publicly or privately. Here we simply show you how to share a Facebook post that you don't have to share.

Don't just share on a single social network. You should know that you have the ability to share Instagram Stories on your Facebook,

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