How to share the internet from my Windows 10 PC on any device

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We are still talking about the Windows 10 operating system which has special features that make it ideal for any environment. Since with this new version you can perform various functions, such as changing the letter of a hard drive or completely disabling Windows Defender.

We can have very different reasons for wanting share the internet from my Windows 10 PC, but this is not a time-consuming procedure.

And even more, incur additional expenses by purchasing devices that allow us to make the connections. You can make these changes without compromising our team.

In the next post, we will show you, step by step, how to do and apply this method without having to suffer the above consequences.

And you will be able to share easily Internet with any other mobile device or tablet from my Windows 10 PC. Next we will teach you this effective method.

How to share the internet from my Windows 10 PC on any device

We enter our Windows 10 PC and we will do the following configurations, for this we are going to start and select the configuration. When the window opens, we will find several options including Systems, Devices, etc. But in our case we will select Network and Internet, creating a clip in this option.

When you do this, another window will open, in it we will go to the left side and select the option Zone with mobile wireless coverage.

And your options will appear on the right side of the window so we can change them. You should notice that an option appears here, which is only shown in the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

This option is   Share my internet connection from   and you can see three options that you can choose from Wi-Fi, mobile data or cable.

It is important that you know that if you want to use the mobile data option, you will be sharing your plan data. In our case we will select the Wi-Fi option. Where we will create the network name and password.

With this option we will avoid having to share the WiFi key of our Router with other people. Since they will have the internet directly from ours PC, now let's create the network name. To do this, we will cut out the Edit option and it will take us to the Edit Network Information window.

Network configuration for Internet sharing

Here we will proceed to enter the name and password, then we will create a clip on the save button. Once this is done, it will take us to the previous window and we will be able to see our network name and password.

Now we just have to activate the option Share my internet connection with other devices.

We will do this by positioning ourselves on the button and creating a clip, it will activate and change color and indicate that it is already activated. Now you just have to go to your mobile phone or your Tablet or any equipment that can  be connected via WiFi.

When you do this, you can see that in the WiFi options of your mobile device, the name of the network we just created on the example PC already appears.

You can enter this network and then it will ask you for the password, enter it and then you have to click Connect. And voila, is already connected to your network, meanwhile you can go to your computer and there you can see all the devices that are connected, as well as the IP address and physical address.

You may also realize that up to 8 devices can be connected, and as you have already verified, you did so very quickly. And once again you have learned something else and it is how to share internet from my windows 10 pc to any device.

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