How to sleep in ARK: Survival Evolved on a dinosaur, sleeping bag or bed Is it possible?

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To create your bag in ARK, you will need in your inventory, 25 of skin, which you can get by killing dinosaurs, preferably non-hostile, and 15 of fiber which at low levels, you can get by hitting the different bushes with your hand.

When you have your sleeping bag ready, you can place it anywhere on the ground, when you want to place it, the sleeping bag will appear translucent red, in case you have the mouse pointer in the air or underground.

If you point to the ground, the bag will have a slightly translucent green color, there you can finally place it. But, below we show you some aspects to take into consideration.

Like sleeping in a sleeping bag

Even though it may be hard to believe, there is no sleep in ARK Survival and other of its variant games. The action of sleeping as such cannot be performed, neither with the sleeping bag, nor with the ARK Survival Evolved bed.

Beds and sleeping bags have some very interesting features that can help you during your gaming experience.

You should know that ARK bags are useful for generate a spawn point in case of death in the game. When you die, the game takes you to a random spot on the map, however, when you place a bag you have another option.

Once you have created your bag and placed it on the ground, you can regenerate there in case of death, it is important to keep in mind that you can only regenerate once, when you use it, the bag is destroyed.

If you place two or more bags along the map, you can use them for teleport from side to side, bearing in mind that after doing this, both bags are destroyed.

What are the differences between the bed and the bunk?

After reached level 7 in ARK: Survival Evolved you have to learn how to survive with tricks, you can make a bed with 15 wood, 80 straw (straw), 30 fibers and 40 leather.

This created bed can also be used to spawn after death and also to teleport between other beds around the map. For multiplayer games, this read can also be used by your tribe.

To make your castle, you need to wait a long time because it is enabled a starting at level 54. In addition to 28 engram points, you will need 200 furs, 320 iron ingots, 280 fibers and 120 furs.

If you need to teleport, you should know that you can do it between beds, bunks and sacks. But, before teleportation, put away the your items. In addition, the bed and the bunk can only be placed on some realized floors.

Creating a box will allow you to storing your items before each trip, when you teleport, you reappear with no items and what you had is left on the side of the used bed. Remember to save the game in ARK when you reach every goal you propose in the game, and so don't get scared unexpectedly and lose everything you've done.

Commands for changing the time in ARK

In case you wish know the different commands in ARK, here is a short guide on how to run ARK during the day, at night and whenever you want.

You may be clear that you can't sleep in ARK, however, if your goal is change the time of day and don't suffer at night, you can do something about it.

If you are in single player mode, you can use the command “Settimeofday HH: MM ss”, obviously without quotes and be very careful because you have to place the two 't's (for set and time).

Where 'HH' goes put the hours, in 'MM' the minutes and 'ss' the seconds. In case it doesn't work for you, you can choose the command " cheat settimeofday HH: MM ss ".

Finally, if you were thinking of sleeping on a dinosaur, you should know that you can only ride it so far. Gestation times and other game processes are unaffected by changes made over time.

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