How to start and watch group videos on Facebook for free

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Function Video (Watch Party) Group Facebook allows multiple attendees to watch group videos in real time and totally live. Users who are watching the video can interact with each other.

When this feature started, it was initially intended for Facebook groups only. But today it's more like an activity like watch videos with your friends.

This wonderful tool is only available for  video of Facebook. You cannot watch videos from other streaming platforms or videos like YouTube.

How to start videos in groups on Facebook

To start videos in groups, you can do it from the home page or from your profile. Log into Facebook. Enter your username and password. In the post box, choose the post type Video in groups. It is characterized by having the icon of a container full of popcorn.

Add video

The first thing to do is add the videos. You don't have to add a single video, you can create a list of videos to watch.

Choose from the videos recommended for you based on your Facebook interests, Videos you watched, Live videos at the time, Saved videos and your videos. You can search with keywords for a particular video.

You can see the list of videos you have selected in before starting transmission. If there is a video in the list that does not convince you, you can delete it without problems.

Choose who you want to share with

Once the videos are selected, select if you want the group video notification to appear in the news section of your profile and in your stories.

Choose who you want to share the content with. You can choose to share it in public, with your friends, with some specific friends, and even just you can see the post in your Facebook bio.

If you choose your friends, everyone on your friends list will be able to join the publication to interact. Finally press the Publish button and the group video publication will have been created.

Video interactions in groups

Whenever a user joins, the rest of the attendees will see a notification from the interface of who just joined. Synchronization is in real time, therefore the person joining does not start playing from the beginning, but at the point where the broadcast is located.

During live and real-time broadcast, users will be able to send reaction emoticons how i like, love, amuse, am surprised, sad and angry. In addition, you will be able to comment for the duration of the broadcast.

During video streaming, you can invite other people to join and watch it. The person will receive the invitation in their Facebook profile notifications.

As if it were a programmed television, the videos you have previously chosen will be played in the order you indicate. Once inside you can add new videos to the broadcast. Everything shared by users happens in real time and in real time.

You can stop streaming live videos at any time you wish. Everything discussed in the videos will be available in your bio like another publication.

Definitely one of the best options Facebook offers for share content with friends. Very useful for offering live lessons, showing the playing of a video game, or a talk. Users will be able to exchange views from the same perspective.

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