How to start playing Axie Infinity - Beginner's Guide to Farming

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Do you really make money playing Axie Infinity?

Already within the game you can get other Axies, they will send you missions and you can get rewards in the form of Tokens, you will win game cryptocurrencies with your own value, these coins are AXS and SLP. Axie Infinity rewards players for spending time on the platform, helping the game ecosystem to grow more and more.

If a player participates in at least 5 game mechanics daily, completing missions or battles, they could acquire 100 to 150 SLP per day. The dollar equivalent will depend on the price the currency is in the market.

What game mechanics should I follow as a strategy?

Axie Infinity is very similar to the Pokémon game, it has several mechanisms such as: Adventure, play against another player and missions. We will analyze what each consists of and so you can decide which one is best for you as a strategy to make more profits.


Adventure mode consists of 36 levels, in those levels you will have to face different monsters with the use of cards, which you need to know which one to use in each level. You will have a moment of energy, manage it well . For each victory you will get the SLP reward, there are levels where they give you an extra SLP.

In this mechanic you will find well-designed levels and the monsters are different, they have unique designs and abilities. The rewards are low at the start of this mode, but increase as you level up. You should try to pass the level as soon as possible, as repeating it many times will decrease the reward you will only get the minimum SLP. In this mechanic you will gain experience.

Player vs. Player (PVP)

Arena battles are player versus player battles. In this part of the game you can get a lot of prizes, of course the amount of the prizes will depend from the ranking level you have, more level hai, the more SLP you get, but as has happened with all players you have to start with something, then go up and gain experience, which equates to the more you earn.

For arena battles you must have one good team and good cards or moves. This will help you win battles and thus level up and will also allow you to receive rewards on top of the Axie. It consists of three rounds, so arm yourself with a balanced team, good cards for each Axie, and good strategies.

Daily mission

Every day you can do missions in Axie Infinity and get 25 SLPs, according to the new update, if you finish what they ask of you. This would be a good strategy, since you can have your SLPs on a daily basis if you meet the conditions.

Where do I register to play Axie Infinity?

If after analyzing all this you are convinced that you want to start playing and make money at the same time, the first thing is to register to play Axie Infinity. You have to go to their official Axie Infinity page, once on the page click on Play now and follow the instructions they give you.

How many SLPs can I earn per day based on my Axies?

Energy is vital for playing in the arena and adventure mode, and therefore getting the SLP, the amount of energy and the reload speed depend on the Axies you have. The greater the number of axes, the shorter the waiting time to recharge the energy.

So the amount of Axie will affect the number of matches in the arena and your daily SLP earnings, although the amount you will get is random, you can acquire 350 to 440 SLP if you have around 20 Axies and win 50% of the battles.

How to grow 100 SLP in minutes?

Use energy in arena matches, play adventure mode until you reach the daily limit and complete daily missions. If you are short on time that day, try to get the daily missions. Take advantage of the adventure mode to get energy.

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