How to start playing Pokemon Café Mix on Switch, PC, Android and iOs

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How to install Pokémon Café Mix

First of all we must tell you that this fascinating video game was only meant for devices touch; But some people have trouble installing Pokemon Café Mix on various devices. Despite them, here I will show you some tricks that you can use to fully enjoy this adventure even from your PC.

Install Pokémon Café Mix on Nintendo Switch it's very simple, you just have to enter yours trusted search engine for Nintendo, enter the name in the search form, then you will have to select the desired language and download the latest version, once done you can start the installation process.

In Android and iOS it is much simpler, for these operating systems you will only have to enter its default installer, Google Play Store  for Android and App Store  for iOS. The process is the same, check the game icon, select the language and start the download, once finished, the installation process will be automatic.

Everything changes when it comes to PC, why? The answer is very simple, this video game was basically created for touch devices, therefore our PC it shouldn't be compatible with this game, does it mean that all is lost? Well no, I'll show you what we will do in this case.

To install this game on your PC, you just need to have a good Android PC emulator. After installing this tool, you just need to go to APKMirror or some other reliable download site; After downloading, you just have to transfer the file to your emulator, run and that's it, it's so easy you'll have Pokémon Café Mix on your PC.

How to play Pokémon Café Mix

By playing Pokemon Café Mix we become owners of a cafeteria; where different species of Pokémon will order us food and drinks that we will have to prepare. The way to play Pokémon Café Mix is ​​very simple; You will only have to collect a few ingredients to be able to pass each mission and level up.

With every order placed by these unique customers, we will have to take part to a puzzle, there we will have to eliminate the Pokémon objects on the screen by joining each other in a ring; With this we will try to collect some particular objects in order to prepare the order of our Pokeclientes.

In some cases, we can eliminate key objects to advance much faster in the game. If we do the task effectively, we will receive golden acorns that will help us improve our small restaurant, making it bigger and even more luxurious.

A way to progress quickly in the game; It is through the rewards daily that we will be given various objects of common use. Among other prizes we can use to improve our coffee. To receive this reward we only have to log in every day, if we complete 5 days in a row we can receive a Pokémon as a reward.

We can also receive extra gold acorns if we perform additional tasks; These are found in the so-called carte challenge. There we will have to carry out three tasks, if we successfully complete them, we will be able to receive a handful of golden acorns. However, this one has a timer, so we'll have to wait after using it.

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