How to start the New World game in the same area as your friends?

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To build a nation, you need more than just soldiers. Destiny takes you to the Eternal Isle, you must defeat legions and prepare to face other rival players with the same goal. Countless opportunities to fight, gather resources and build a team. You will have at your command supernatural forces or just deadly weaponsWithin a real-time combat system, you will be able to fight alone, with a small team or with an army.

In New World, a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game, you will be able to perform missions with your friends as long as the players are found on the same server. If it's not on the same server, it is not possible to migrate, so you have to agree with your friends before creating their characters. Magic flows through Aeternum, gives life and also brings horror. In a land like this, you and your friends are responsible for his fate.

Why were you born in another place while having the same missions as your friends?

When you create your new character in New World, you have to follow the start of tutorials on game, once completed you will be stuck on a beach full of wrecks, this is just one of the many beaches you might find at the beginning of the video game. This explains why you end up miles away from your friends even though they created their character at the same time. You'll be able to choose how to survive in the haunted wilderness of Aeternum as you build alliances, fight for resources, and make your mark within the rising empire. 

It is always recommended that you read a basic guide to New World before starting to play so that you get a good idea of ​​the game and that it doesn't get so complicated.

In New World, distance seems to be a major barrier, whether you completely cover the map of the Island or die a series of times, you will not be able to meet your friends. Your character is stuck in the initial missions in your area, so even if you manage to meet up with your friends, they won't have the same missions nor will they be able to advance together. However, there is an option to avoid this.

If you do, you can get started with your friends in New World

After completing the New World tutorial and appearing on one of the countless beaches on the map, the watchtower must hand over your mission to the NPC. When you send the mission, don't accept a new mission from the NPC. Get out of the conversation and you can go to any watchtower on any of the beaches. Once everyone is there, they can accept the next mission.

How to share your missions with your friends and do them together?

You can wage all-out warfare in squads of up to 50 players or embark on expeditions with 20 other explorers, New World allows you to play with many friends at the same time, but make sure your character is perfectly level. To play with your friends you just have to add them like this; open the menu, search for "social" option on the left side of the main menu, write the name of your friend in the game, wait for his portrait to appear, click and select the option "Add friend".

Hello, it's already part of your friends list, now all you have to do is participate in advanced activities together. In New World, choose your allies from your friends list, add them to the party and your partner will immediately appear with a blue landmark in the game.

Something that will also be very useful in the game is that you learn how to buy and sell in New World, something that will be very useful in the future.

How to complete side missions with your friends?

It's important don't put aside side quests in New World, as they will not only unlock improvements but give you good rewards that you will need for the future of the economy in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot share side missions with your friends, although they may accept the same mission. Even if you have accepted a mission, you cannot activate it for the entire party, unless they accept it. A player on your team can achieve mission objectives even if they don't have the mission active.

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