How to stop yourself from going off the range in Call of Duty BR: Mobile

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Leveling up in ranked matches in Call of Duty: Mobile's Battle Royale mode is not an easy job, reaching at least the Master rank takes a long time, since you have to be very good to be able to reach that level quickly. For this reason, many are wondering how to avoid a drop in points in the leaderboard, as sometimes when some games are not doing very well, the bar can be lowered and this is not something that players like very much.

It all has to do with the actions you take during the game, the ranking system lowers your points when you or your team fail to rank as one of the best survivors. This means you have to try to improve for prevent the points from decreasing. Here are some tips to help you avoid lowering your grade in BR.

Avoid being one of the first to die

Downed soldier

Being one of the first 50 to die without having made any kind of contribution such as eliminating enemies, or making assists, this automatically becomes a point taker. This is because perhaps by the time you are dead, others will have done a lot of useful things for themselves or their teams. Without a doubt, it is something that you should avoid at all costs, remember that survival is the most important of all.

Making victims

16 victims. item BR

Of course, you can survive for a long time in the game, but it's useless if you haven't gotten any points by defeating enemies, so we recommend to eliminate at least 2 to 4 per game so that your points increase and not reach a lower level.

Make assists

Assiste in BR

If in any game you cannot eliminate someone or take several casualties, if you have helped your teammates, this counts as assistance, which means that you have contributed something to the team and this translates into several points. This along with the other things you do during BR fights will come in handy.

Doing nothing is getting nothing

In the end, the worst thing you can do is stand in watch, you have to keep in mind that many are looking for the same thing as you, increasing your rank points to get more rewards. This is why you have to try to be more active during the game and therefore you will surely also be able to level up much faster than you thought.

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