How to surrender or ask to surrender in Valorant - Valorant cancels the game

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Is it possible to surrender or ask to surrender in Valorant?

Without a doubt if it is possible to surrender or ask to surrender in the Valorant game. In this game it is not possible to surrender alone, if you want to surrender you have to keep in mind that they will be taken as the resignation of the entire team before the game. Completely surrendering the reward points to the opposing team.

That is, if you choose to surrender, your team will automatically lose the points for that game necessary to obtain the thirteen that will lead them to victory. To start the surrender process, you must log into Valorant and during the game, open the vote by opening the chat and placing / ff or / surrender.

Once the message has been sent to the chat, the voting opens. If they are in competitive play, all team members must agree to surrender. They will vote by writing / yes if I agree or not se DON'T I agree. If everyone agrees, the game is over. Only one surrender attempt can be made in each phase.

If you are playing in normal mode, when you start the surrender process, it only takes the 80% of the team players to agree. Voting for surrender can only be started from the eighth round onwards.

How to cancel the game in Valorant?

The Valorant video game included options that allow you to quit one game without consequences after this, and you can start another later. This option is available from the menu that appears when the button is pressed at the same time ESC or the Alt and F4 keys. Which also offers the possibility to re-enter the same game at a later time.

However, in custom games there is no way to leave them. You have to opt for other tricks that are certainly very easy to perform.

For the first trick you must necessarily have the cheat command enabled, for this we must have the custom game section selected so go to the main menu and select the cheat option and there activate the ones you want. Therefore press the option several times to end the game until the game takes you out.

Another option, even if it sounds like a joke, is to do absolutely nothing in the game. In this way, the game will take you as an AFK, that you are not present, and will kick you out thanks to the inactivity of your character. These cheats are valid within custom games and completely free.

How do you know when to give up on Valorant?

Within a game, there are several reasons why a player decides to leave the game. One of the main ones is when you realize that your teammates or one of them is spoiling completely the mission or just take this as a joke and your goal is not to complete the mission or earn the points to help you get to victory.

You can also give up when you see that there is no longer a chance to win the game and it is simply a waste of time to continue it. Just like there they are personal reasons for leaving Valorant games, there are also reasons that they escape out of hand and push us to leave a game.

Several Valorant players have already had problems with their server, where they were expelled from the game for no reason. This happens due to internal game issues.

However, Riot Games could undertake actions / sanctions against the AFK, as the video game consists in the constant participation of each player. When a player decides to surrender it means that the team will automatically lose the round.

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