How to switch Whatsapp talks from iPhone to Android and upside down

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Switching from having an iPhone to an Android mobile phone, or vice versa, does not mean giving up carrying WhatsApp conversations with you. In this guide, you will learn about the methods that exist for transfer your chats from the messaging platform from one operating system to another: you can do it via WhatsApp or using third-party apps specialized in this function.

Unfortunately, even if you keep the same WhatsApp account when you switch phones, Conversations and files you've shared aren't automatically transferred. You must be in charge of carrying out a procedure that exports conversations to your next terminal. Next, we explain the methods you can use to transfer conversations from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

You can transfer your conversations from Android to iPhone and vice versa with a few simple steps.

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android and vice versa

WhatsApp conversations can contain very important information, so you want to keep it when you go to change cell phones. If you are going to stay on same operating system, it will be enough to make a backup of WhatsApp and restore it from the new terminal.

Unfortunately the WhatsApp backup is not maintained when switching from iPhone to Android in what are not saved in the same storage service. While those of iPhone do it in iCloud, those of Android do it in Google Drive. Therefore, if you are planning to change operating system, you will not be able to use backups to pass your WhatsApp conversations.

All is not lost in this regard, as there is a method offered by the platform itself to preserve your chats even if you are about to switch from iPhone to Android, or vice versa. The negative point? You will have to transfer the conversations individually, so the process will be more tedious.

Before explaining what you should do step by step, let's clarify that the example in this guide is to transfer conversations from Android to iPhone, even if the opposite is similar.

1º- Open WhatsApp and enter the conversation that you want to pass.

2º- Click the button a three points in the corner top right.

3º- In the options menu, select More> Export chats.

4 ° - Select the method to export the chat, we opted for Gmail.

You must first export your conversations individually from WhatsApp.

5º- In your new mobile, download the file you sent.

6 ° - Go to WhatsApp> Settings> Chat> Backup and restore the conversation you exported from there from the downloaded file. You will need to repeat this process with all conversations you want to switch between operating systems.

Once the conversations are exported, you need to restore them to your new mobile.

App to switch WhatsApp conversations

In addition to the previous method, in the Google Play Store you can find several applications dedicated to transferring your conversations from Android to Iphone or vice versa. One of the best known is Dr. Fone, which we already recommend to recover lost files on Android.

This free program allows you to transfer data from one mobile to another, even if they come from different operating systems. To do this, you need to select the function "Restore WhatsApp messages" and connect the two devices between which you want to transfer WhatsApp conversations. In a few minutes, the process will be over. To achieve this, you will have need a computer with dr.fone installed.

If you want to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android you can also use the app WazzapMigrator, che costa 5,99 euros. With a simple procedure, this app will help you keep all your chats when you leave the iOS system to try Android.

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