How to take a screenshot in World of Warcraft and where screenshots are saved in WoW

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What is World of Warcraft and why is it so exciting?

From a complete point of view of video games, the same point of view that the analysts of the same have development company by World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment), it can be said that World of Warcraft is a phenomenal game.

In fact, unsurprisingly it's the game of mass strategy most played in the world right now.

World of Warcraft has a series, is a saga, of expansions or versions that have come out over the course of the century, some more played and loved by players than others.

Each of these expansions has been welcomed as red carpet from the community of World of Warcraft players, and caused millions of dollars in revenue, which even years after launch, continues to create more money.

And we say it, not for the intention of talking about the profit of this game, but because it takes how exciting this game is, to understand why the World of Warcraft is so addicting. The addicting nature of this game makes many players want to take screenshots after each game well played.

Come fare uno screenshot in World of Warcraft?

And this is not a joke, nor are we trying to make it look like one. It is actually a joint action take a screenshot in most games, of any kind or any nature, over and over again, until you can make sure you save the feats reflected in the games.

Taking a screenshot in World of Warcraft is usually done for this purpose, by recording or retaining stored evidence of great games that often appear to be lies and it would be hard to believe if not seen.

If you want to take a screenshot in World of Warcraft, in this article we will teach you shortly, but before we let you know that if you don't have a PC with excellent resources, taking a screenshot may give you a bit of a delay for the time being.

Also for this reason, as always, we recommend that you optimize your PC to the maximum for run the game in this moment.

When you go to take a screenshot, which you do with your PC's default function for it (Imp Pnt) located at the top right of your keyboard, we recommend that you remove your user interface by pressing alt and z at the same time.

Where are the screenshots saved in WoW?

It should be noted that screenshots can also be taken for other reasons and they don't necessarily have to be to save the champion of how awesome a game was.

You may also need to, as a gamer, use the screen capture feature for be able to lodge a complaint on an unfair act against one of the server administrators.

Whatever the reason, the truth is that all screenshots can be taken the same way and option Alt + Z is preferred.

Eventually, all screenshots will be saved to the World of Warcraft archives on your computer. You can only get them in the WoW folder in documents.

When you enter this folder, you have to look for the Screenshots folder, and inside you will find all the ones you have taken from the beginning. It is good to remember that this way helps you to report a fact in the game.

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