How to take better photos with the Samsung Galaxy S21

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This year Samsung finally put the batteries together and was able to build a photographic system at the level of the best phones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S21 have raised the bar of photography compared to what we were used to, and those who have decided to buy one of the three models that make up this family will probably be more than satisfied with their cameras.

However, it is always possible to go further and get even more out of our mobile camera with tips and tricks. In the Samsung Galaxy S21 exactly the same happens, and that is why today we are going to look at some tricks that they will serve for take better photos using one of the company's latest terminals.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra integrates one of the most advanced camera systems we've ever seen.

Let the camera work for you

With Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung introduces a mode Improved "Single Capture", which allows the camera to make different types of captures of the same scene, so you just have to worry about choose the best.

When making a capture using this mode, you can view from the gallery all video clips and images taken, with different effects, filters and formats. You can delete the captures you don't like and save or share your favorites.

To use this mode, you just have to open the camera app and select the "Single Capture" or "Single Take" mode.

Use the most suitable focal length

If you have a Galaxy S21 Ultra, you should know that your mobile doesn't have one, but two telephoto sensors covering an equivalent focal length between 72 and 240 millimeters. Or that is the same: 3 and 10 increases compared to the main sensor.

Obviously these two sensors they are meant to capture different types of scenes. Thanks to its focal length, the 3x telephoto lens is the most suitable for shooting portraits of other people, while the 10x telephoto lens is more suitable for capture architecture or nature.

If you want to go further, the S21 Ultra also gives you the option to zoom up to 100x, although in this case the image quality drops dramatically. Our recommendation is not to exceed 30x magnification to obtain acquisitions with a sufficient amount of detail.

Take pictures with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Take advantage of the stabilization system to take pictures of the Moon

Of course, there is a situation where it might make sense use the 100x digital zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: when shooting photo of the Moon.

Through artificial intelligence and the various stabilization systems integrated into the latest Samsung terminal, it is possible capture the satellite in amazingly sharp images. Plus, the focus lock feature means you don't even need a tripod. Here are some examples:

Use the hidden "macro" mode

None of the three models in the Galaxy S21 series include a macro sensor like the one found in other Samsung phones. But that doesn't mean you can't catch good close-ups of objects using one of the cameras.

In particular, thanks to the improved focusing system of the ultra wide angle sensor, you can capture objects at very close range from the camera, and get results like these:

Get more out of RAW mode

The Galaxy S21 are the first smartphones capable of capture 12-bit RAW images. If you are used to capturing images in this format, and then running them through a photo editor, you will be interested to know that the 12-bit files captured by the Galaxy S21 offer a greater amount of detail in the highlights and shadows thanks to greater dynamic range.

In order to capture 12-bit RAW images with the Galaxy S21, it is required use the camera's “Pro” mode and then, enable RAW captures from the camera app settings.

In this way, the photographs you capture will be saved in RAW format in so you can squeeze them best through your favorite photo editor. Keep in mind that these types of files take up much more space compared to “normal” JPG images.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Through these simple tips and tricks, you can take better photos with your Samsung Galaxy S21. All three models in the series are capable of capturing excellent images in all circumstances, and the default settings will be more than enough for most device users.

In any case, if you are one of those who always try to do one step further, the new Samsung terminals offer a wide range of settings and functions that can greatly improve the photographic experience with devices.

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