How to tame a horse, parrot, fox, llama and other animals in Minecraft

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In addition to this, many users love to tame different types of animals, both for edible use and simply to have a companion within the game. Therefore, in this article you will learn how to tame different types of animals such as horses, parrots, foxes among others.

Tame all kinds of animals in Minecraft

It is very important that you know how to tame different creatures, as these will allow you to create animal farms in Minecraft to get different types of rewards in the form of resources.

In Minecraft, animals are quite attractive, and the vast majority can be tamed. Here, we will offer you several methods for tame different animals, depending on your tastes and preferences. To do this, you need to follow a few steps and use some items and tools within the game.

While updating Minecraft to its latest version, we will notice that they have added new animal species, in addition to the ones that were already included. On top of that, the way these creatures are tamed has also changed. With techniques you will know where to find every kind of animal.

Learn how to tame animals step by step

Next, we'll show you a list of each of the animals you can tame. Each of them offers you different benefits and will provide you with different elements that you can use in the game.

How to tame cats

Cats are very common animals in Minecraft. You can easily find them in villages. Other than that, they are carnivores, so you will find them close to their possible prey drive.

To tame the cat just give it raw cod or raw salmon. These can easily be found by fishing with a fishing rod. Cod is the easiest to get, we recommend spending it first.

How to tame parrots

These birds are quite abundant, especially in areas of dense forest. There are five parrots of different colors, so you will have to choose. To tame them, you will have to just give them gods semi. You will know that you have already tamed it, because the animal will start following you.

Parrots can't reproduce, so you'll need to tame several if you want a farm. Having a parrot will offer you many benefits.

For example, it will give you different resources if you kill them. If you keep them, they can serve as companions, serve also as an alarm when an enemy approaches, you can imitate the sounds of nearby animals or dance when listening to music.

How to tame horses, mules or llamas

This class of animals such as horses, mules, donkeys or llamas have the same domestication process. The first thing you should have is a saddle in your inventory.

When you find one of these animals, all you have to do is try to ride it. In this process you will get hurt and lose the pH of your life. It will never be achieved the first time. But in a short time the animal will adapt and you can tame it.

When you see hearts above the animal, it means that you have already tamed it. To speed up the process, you can give him some food such as golden apples, hay, wheat or bread. If you want to mate and breed horses, what you should do is choose 2 already domesticated ones and feed them golden apples or golden carrots. After that, they will start producing young.

How to tame foxes

These animals have been implemented since Update 1.14. And luckily for many, they aren't very hard to find. There are different types of fox species and they are found in different parts of the map. To tame them you just need a reindeer e two sweet berries. These are found in berry bushes in the taiga biome.

You need to spot 2 foxes. First you will give each fox a berry. So you have to wait for them to reproduce. When the fox cub comes out, you need to tie him up with the leash. At that moment the animal will follow you everywhere.

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