How to translate WhatsApp messages on my iPhone at the same time

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How to use simultaneous translation of texts with WhatsApp?

To access this translation panel within WhatsApp, we need to download the application » Gboard «And proceed with the installation on our mobile device iPhone and use it within WhatsApp.

After you have downloaded and installed the keyboard inside your iPhone mobile device, you need to enter the iOs Settings to be able to configure it on this operating system.

When you enter "Settings ", so " General »And« Keyboard »and finally select the option "Keyboard" and there will be option to grant keyboard permission Gboard and therefore be able to use it in WhatsApp without problems, so at the same time when we write in the message bar within the conversation.

It will ask us to confirm the authorization of this new keyboard to be able to use it within WhatsApp with the chats of other users. Once the new keyboard is configured, we need to access the WhatsApp application from your iPhone mobile device to start using it.

When we enter WhatsApp and select a contact with whom we will start a conversation and we will see that we have to use this translation, we will select the "world" icon right on the keyboard bar next to the space bar.

When you click and hold, you should observe that it will give you the option to change the keyboard in Gboard and there select this option to change it. You will see that at the top of the keyboard you have the translation option where a text bar will open where you will place the text you want to translate.

When we write the text in Spanish, during translation it will automatically be written in the language to be translated, for example: English, Catalan, Portuguese among others, however you can change or add another language to the Gboard keyboard if you want.

What is Gboard for iPhone WhatsApp?

Gboard allows translation into 92 different languages and in a practical way, since when we write in Spanish we can have the possibility to change this same text in another language and then send it to the WhatsApp user in a very versatile way, to maintain an immediate conversation with another user in a 'other language.

You can also find the translation of the messages that your users have WhatsApp they send you to be able to chat with a person in another language without major inconveniences and without resorting to an external application (Translate) to obtain and ends up being more complicated.

The Google Translate translator has multiple functions which allow us to translate texts from the browser but this makes it a larger job in which we will waste more time between switching from one application to another all the time, it is important that Gboard allow us to have more agility to send text in other languages.

If this article helped you to solve how to translate WhatsApp messages on my iPhone at the same time without big problems in few steps with an application that Google provides to add WhatsApp to your social network and then easily translate your messages on your mobile device iPhone

You can do this on Android devices too but with the built-in translator because it is set up with a Google account and thus gives you these benefits built into WhatsApp.

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