How to turn my Samsung Galaxy s10 into a Google Pixel Professional?

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Because the experiences we sometimes have with certain devices are so indescribably good, that no matter how much time passes, you'll always want to use them again, that is, who doesn't like them customize the own phone?

To customize it was said! Let creativity be the guide!

The first thing to take into consideration is that if we want to configure the s10 as Google pixel, several steps will be required. So taking your time and relaxing is key, since what has fundamentally changed is how things look on the phone. The software costs. it will remain the same as the s10, which is not bad.

Remember that it's not just about creating, tweaking or customizing an Android widget or talking about the best launchers to customize your Android phone, but about something more symbolic.

The screen

The first step is to change the look of the screen, to turn my Samsung Galaxy s10 into a professional Google Pixel. We need to download a " Launcher «, This changes the interface and the level of customization.


The best for the task and with the best efficiency it is "Rootless Launcher", to activate it you just have to open the application once downloaded, the design will be applied, then press the button » Start ", It will ask you what you want to use to return to the main screen, select the Launcher option" Everlasting And here it is.

The Launcher mentioned above is good, but just in case and as alternative options there is: Nova Launcher, Lawnchair Google now, among others

Notification panel

One of the main functions of Android is definitely the notification panel and the shortcuts, the different owners have always been good, but to get what you want, you need to do the following.

An application called Powershade is installed, it is as simple as the previous one, it only requires installation, the application will ask you for the respective permissions, select " Run »And prepare the panel you want (as an extra you can change the color and design).

Bixby button

Converting my Samsung Galaxy s10 into a professional Google Pixel is easier than ever also due to some features of the phone, the one that allows you to remap the button called Bixby.

What we will do with this is reprogram it to show us the Google assistant voice, first we install " Google Assistant»,   then we activate the Bixby button, once inside we select the three vertical points that appear and open the " Settings ”Of the button.

Here it will give us the option in the menu to place that instead of opening Bixby we open the always beloved Google Assistant, this is fully editable, as you want.


Turn my Samsung Galaxy s10 into the ultimate professional Google Pixel!

The last two steps are as simple as the previous ones and just as great, of course. Number one is to install Google applications.

To make it look like Google pixel as you wish, you need to download the respective applications, such as: Google Calendar, Google Keep, messages, calls, among others.

And finally, it would install gcam, this is optional, one because there are people who don't like it that much and two because it's easy to get the APK you need in the version of the s10 with Snapdragon.

But if you have the Exynos version, which is the most suitable in Europe for example, there aren't that many port or APK options available. To install it, you just have to download the latter in one of the two versions and run it like any application and that's it. Turn my Samsung Galaxy s10 into a professionally made Google Pixel.

Now the best of processors has been combined with the best graphics and has been achieved a perfect hybrid between two similar and equally good worlds.

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