How to turn PS4 console on and off properly? - Quick and easy

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Ever since the world's most famous Japanese company, known as Sony, released the PlayStation 4, it's been a total revolution. This company offers its customers not only high-quality equipment, but also state-of-the-art technology. In the following article we will show you  how to turn PS4 console on and off properly? quick and easy.

But this is one PlayStation 4 also known as PS4, it is simply a video game console that offers digital entertainment. It was developed and designed by Sony Computer Entertainment and is the fourth installment of its kind. It has nothing less and nothing more than an 86-core Jaguar x64-8 APU processor.

The console has a hard drive of at least 500 GB, because there is also 1 TB, an HDMI port, which allows you to offer HD images. It also has two USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, auxiliary input, WiFi connection, 6x Blu-Ray player. It also has a Bluetooth 2.1 connection, 8x DVD player.

As always, we teach you guides that allow you to make proper use of devices, applications and consoles. We have brought you this interesting article which will show you how to turn PS4 console on and off properly? And this will be super easy by downloading the missing drivers to your laptop or PC.

How to turn PS4 console on and off properly?

Maybe you are one of the owners of a video console PS4 and you think turning it on or off is not a big deal. But we have to tell you it's completely wrong and maybe if you don't do this right. You can cause a serious problem with your console, so we ask you not to stop reading so you can find out what is the best way to do it.

If you can see this ps4 console, it bears no resemblance to the previous console or the PS3 and we will act differently to fix the errors. First we can see that it does not have physical buttons like its predecessor, its buttons are fully tactile. And you can only see two indicators, one on the top right, this is to turn it on

And another one at the bottom, that indicator is used to open the disk drive, when we want to perform some actions, such as turning it on, we swipe the indicator. And it will generate a beep, indicating that it has been turned on. The same will happen if we swipe the disc opening indicator, it will generate a beep and it will open.

And physically it will show us a blue color, this will indicate that it is starting and we have to wait for it to turn into a white light to start using it. It has another color that it can show us and it is orange light, this will indicate that the console is in power saving mode, it is important that you know what these colored lights mean.

After the console has been turned on and if you have successfully connected to your TV, you should have the signal in it and it will show you a welcome message. The next thing you need to do is press the PS button on the PS4 console controller and now you can enjoy an online game, watch a movie, listen to music or view your photos.

How to properly shut down the PS4 console?

There is a correct way to turn yours off ps4 console and across the screen, if you are reading it right now. This is the most suitable way to do this than using the touch button on the console. For a correct shutdown it is necessary to select the Power option, this appears in the functions screen and then select the Shut Down PS4 option.

You will immediately appear on the screen, preparing to turn off the PS4 and you will have to wait a few seconds for it to turn off. And this is the correct way to turn off your PS4 and that way we come to the end of this handy tutorial that has you shown How to turn PS4 console on and off properly?

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