How to uninstall and remove Dota 2 from Steam or my PC - Delete game and account forever

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What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a game launched in July 2004, being essentially a strategy and fantasy game, in which you have to choose a hero to fight, each game has two teams, each with their respective heroes, the aim is to advance any of the 3 main lines, for destroy the enemy core.

To do this you will have to overcome several fixed obstacles, such as towers, and with waves of minor enemies, said also servants, which lack power, but when attacking in groups can be very annoying.

In the game there are a total of 120 characters playable, as is normal, in this type of games, each has its advantages and disadvantages during the game, being the most appropriate to use heroes who help each other, when joining a game, to make sure that the game can be won .

Dota 2 it is a bit demanding game in terms of graphics, which can slow down the frame rate a bit, this is not recommended in a competitive game, so, if our PC is a bit old, we can optimize it for better performance, and be able to play dota 2 without any problems.

How to delete Dota 2 from my PC?

To delete the game from your computer, you have two options, just in case you want to delete it via Steam, first you have to open the application and log in with the account that has the game, once there you have to go to the section where you have your games (library), in this you will get a list with all the games you have purchased.

Look for what it says “Dota 2” and click, then, on the name, right click and you will get several options, you have to click on the one that says "uninstall", followed by this, a box will appear in which will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the game from your PC, notifying you that all data will be deleted, after which the game will be deleted.

On the other hand, if you do not want to complicate with Steam, you can delete it via the Windows control panel, for this, go to start, then control panel, then in the section "Programs", click on " uninstall programs “, The list of all the programs installed on the PC will open, look for the one with the name of the game and press“ uninstall ”.

Another solution, a little more complex, is to delete it directly from the Steam folder, which is located on the local drive C, you have to go to Program files, and on Steam, then “steamapps”, then “common” and here delete the folder says Dota 2.

How to delete Dota 2 account from Steam forever?

Once the game is uninstalled from your computer, your account will still be registered, if you want to take care of this too and remove it, you have to follow this procedure.

First log into Steam again, once there you have to go to the support tab, here you have to look for the option that says " problems with products or items “, When you log in, you have to look for the option that puts you in contact with support So, you have to declare that you want to delete your account and all your history, in turn tell why, after this, you will get a reply in about 3 days.

At the end of this process, the game data will be deleted, however there may be more in the system, for this you need to delete the leftover junk files, with this, you will create enough space for any other game.

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