How to uninstall Overwatch forever - It won't let me uninstall Overwatch

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How to uninstall Overwatch via the game client?

Sometimes it is necessary to uninstall completely a game, either because it's giving us a glitch, we don't have enough Ram memory, the free license has expired or we want another Overwatch-like game.

There are several ways to do this, but the simplest it is via the Blizzard desktop application or the game client. To do this, we need to open our Blizzard game client, go to the game we want to uninstall, select the options and click uninstall.

This is the simplest and most conventional way, but sometimes the application has problems, there are times when it does not start or crashes during startup and does not allow us to open it, if we can't open our game client, how can we do it?

How to uninstall the game client?

In some cases, in order to uninstall Overwatch, it cannot be done from the game client as it has problems and it won't let you open it, if this happens don't worry, here we will help you with this problem. Like any other application, the game client stores secondary data for its operation, as all of them can get corrupted and cause crashes in the application.

If that happens to repair those files, it's better delete the cache and the tools folder, we open the task manager, we need to keep these folders, game process, agent.exe and Blizzard, we need to close the task manager and press the Windows key plus "R" to open the command line, place C: ProgramData and press Enter, then look for the folder and delete it.

Another way to troubleshoot application failures is check the antivirus, as it sometimes prevents the game client from reaching the corresponding server and updating itself. So you can disable the antivirus for now (although this can be dangerous due to obvious security issues) or you can create an exception which is to exclude the folder from the antivirus, so that these updates can be carried out.

If clearing the cache doesn't work, there is another solution. The first thing you should do is open the startup, go to the control panel click uninstall program, then click on the Blizzard logo and select uninstall, doing this should start deleting the program automatically. This process applies if you have a Windows or Mac system.

There are times when the game client doesn't appear in the list and you have to uninstall it manually, this is done by pressing the Windows key plus the letter "Q" (this applies to Windows 8) and select all programs, locate the Blizzard application, right click and go where it says open location, locate the folder called and delete all content.

As you can see, it is very easy to uninstall Overwatch, there are several solutions quick and easy that will help you when you make the decision to get rid of the said game, we hope they will help you and if you liked the article and it was useful, please share it with your friends ..

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