How to uninstall, remove and delete Minecraft forever?

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Steps to uninstall Minecraft forever on Windows

Get rid of this video game on your Windows computer it's very simple, in fact you can see step by step how to get it.

Backup (optional)

If you want to uninstall Minecraft from a computer forever, but want to save your games, the first thing you should do is a backup. To do this, press the keys «Win + R »To open the system executor, where you have to type the command «% appdata%» and press "Enter".

Next, open the folder corresponding to the game, called «.minecraft» and make a copy of the folder "Bailouts", which you need to paste in a different position. When you want to reuse it, you just have to place it on the new equipment.

Uninstall regularly

One of the first things you can do is try uninstalling Minecraft forever, just like you would with another application. You open "Start" of your PC so that you can locate and access the "Control panel", then go to section "Programs and functionality " o "Uninstall programs" a depending on the case.

In the list that will emerge you will have to place Minecraft and then click on "Uninstall", as well as following the detailed steps to get it.

Get rid of all files!

To complete the process of deleting all Minecraft files, you will need to open the panel again "Run" via the "Start" menu or by pressing " Win + R «.

Now type «% appdata%» I awarded "Enter" to open the folder called «Roaming», in it you will have to locate the folder «.minecraft» and take it to the "Trash can" or press the second button of the mouse and click on "Remove".

Uninstall Minecraft on Mac

In case you have a Mac, you will need to perform another procedure to be able to uninstall Minecraft forever from it.

The seeker

Log in to "Finder" of your device and press the key “Command + Shift + G "To bring up the window corresponding to" Go to folder". Now you will need to enter the following: «~ / Library / Application Support /» and press the button "Enter" on the keyboard or click the button «Vai».

Back up

This is the time to backup if you wish, for this you will have to open the folder "Minecraft" from the previous step and make a duplicate of the "Save" element, this last folder must be saved in another location.

Remove Minecraft

After saving your games, you can now delete the game folder, which you can do by right-clicking and choosing "Remove" or by dragging the item to the "Trash can".

I want to remove it on Linux

To be able to completely remove Minecraft from a Linux computer is very simple, in fact, the steps are very few.


Do you want to save your game? Before deleting the whole program be sure to create the security duplicate, but this is optional.

Enter the » File Manager »And go to the following address «/home/username/.minecraft» obviously you have to replace the word "Username" with the Linux user alias, continue copying the known folder «Saves» in a different location.

Use the terminal

The next step is to open the "Terminal" and if you want to save yourself a few steps, simply press the keys " Ctrl + Alt + T «, Since this is the command assigned for it. After that yes opens the window you will need to enter this code " rm -vr ~ /.minecraft / * »And press "Enter" to continue the procedure.

It is possible that the system will ask you to enter your user or administrator password in order to advance, because with the written command everything related to Minecraft will be deleted, so you must enter it to finish.

If at any point you change your mind and miss the Minecraft adventure world, don't hesitate to reinstall it. Before doing this, remember to make sure that your device has the necessary features for the game to work properly and without causing any problems.

If you want to try something new in the world of Minecraft, download one of the existing versions of the game or try the new mode that is gaining a lot of popularity: Minecraft Pocket.

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