How to update PS4 software offline with a USB stick

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Enjoying the experience of a PlayStation is something that is unmatched. That is why updating the software of a PS4 is an essential step for anyone using this version of the device. Today you will learn how to properly update your PS4 software offline using a USB stick.

Sometimes, when using the console, the system tries to update itself automatically. Or if so, notify us when there is one available.

But clearly, to complete this step, one requirement must be met: having an internet connection. That is why when a problem related to this factor occurs, many users resort manually updating the software of a PS4 via USB devices like the pendrive.

Whether you don't have an internet connection, the service crashes for PlayStation, or the download and update failed in the middle of the process, today you'll learn how to do it in a different way.

Why is it necessary to update the software?

Like any other technological equipment, the PS4 is considered a device that it needs connection and maintenance to function optimally.

In other words, every time you submit your console to an update, you make sure that all of its functions remain enabled. Allow them to function properly whenever you request an activity.

Likewise, you prepare the device for the new utilities that have been applied by the developers. Thus ensuring the best of experiences.

That's why by constantly updating this version of PlayStation you can prevent your system from becoming obsolete. Also avoiding possible future problems.

Previous steps to update PS4 software

Since all the procedure that you will learn today will be carried out without the console being connected to an Internet network, you will need to follow a series of instructions for everything to work properly during the update.

Try to have essential items like a desktop or laptop computer. Mac or Windows is recommended, from which content will be downloaded via the official PlayStation page.

Inside this computer, go to the directory where it is easier for you to access and create a new folder with the name of "PS4", inside which you have to create another folder with the name of "UPDATE".

It is important to remember that both names must be capitalized. Only in this way will it be recognized by the console system.

Another requirement is that this computer has an Internet connection to complete the download and one USB stick with at least 1 GB of available storage space.

After completing the download, copy the "PS4UPDATE.PUB" file in "UPDATE" and save the "PS4" folder inside the pendrive that you will use to update the console.

Finally, you have a DualShock controller with the USB cable. The whole procedure is done in safe mode and this does not allow the use of the wireless controls. Surely the PS4 will not recognize your controller, as there is no direct connection between the two.

Update the software of a PS4 without an internet connection

With the console off, you will start by connecting the controller and the pendrive to the USB inputs of the PS4, and then start it from safe mode.

This can be achieved by holding down the power button until two notes are heard, which will alert you that Safe Mode will start automatically.

Within the menu, select the third option which indicates "Update System Software". In it it is necessary indicate it will be updated from USB memory.

After pressing on these options, the procedure will be performed automatically, so it is advisable to wait for the PS4 to restart and you can start playing as you normally did.

Of course, updating the software of a PS4 offline is extremely quick and easy, so you no longer have to worry about keeping your device up to date with the latest offers and versions for your system. You can now install all kinds of games on your PS4 with the updated software.

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