How to upload a document or Word file to a webpage or blog in Blogger?

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Part of this is due to the fact that very little has been heard of the platform in networks or in the digital area, even many internet users are unaware of its existence.

But it is a excellent service to create and manage websites or blogs in a practical and bold way, as long as you learn how to use it.

That's why uploading a file from Blogger doesn't involve a bigger task than understanding a few tricks that allow you to get it successfully.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a service integrated by Google which, as mentioned, allows you to create a web page and manage blogs or websites. This tool has been very useful for small bloggers and businesses that require a practical means of creating their pages and boosting themselves.

In this sense, it supports a total of 100 sites per account, which acquire the subdomain of " “, Which are hosted by Google itself.

What makes this service special is that users have the ability to create different blogs on many topics for free.

Upload a document or Word file using Google Drive in Blogger

First of all you have to log into your Google account connected to the Blogger and Drive services in order to proceed.

From here, you need to enter the administration section of the (Blogger) page where you can see the latest entries of the selected site.

It will look a bit similar to Gmail, because it is the same structure that Google uses for all its instruments.

Change blog or website

Therefore, you have to select the blog where you need to upload a document Word o un file your blogger. This option is located at the top left of the page.

In this section you will see the name of the selected site accompanied by a small down arrow.

By pressing there, you will allow you to see all blogs linked to your account, among which you have to choose the one you want by clicking.

Upload files from Drive

To proceed, you need to create a new tab in your browser and the Google Drive archiving tool will open in it. This can be found in the search engine page, in the utility menu which is represented by a dashed box

This will select the desired option that will direct us to the Drive section, where all the archived files are located by the user.

To upload a document or a Word file to Blogger, it must first be done from this page, by clicking on the " Other " top left.

So, only the file is inside the equipment or computer and when you choose it, you just have to wait for it to be uploaded and uploaded to the cloud.

Share the Word document

Once the file has been uploaded, the next thing to do is right click on it and click on the option that says " Share ". When you do this, a new window will appear in which there will be a settings button " Advanced “, Which must be pressed to continue.

Now, it is important to change the privacy settings from " Private ” a ” On: public on the web "From the option" Modification ".

Also, you must copy the address that appears in the " Link to share "And then press" Done ”To finish. Consequently, we go to Blogger and select " New entry “, Which will redirect the page to another section.

The name will be written in the section " Inserting ". Similarly, a keyword is written in the text sheet and a hyperlink to the button " connection ".

Finally, in the box shown below, the previously copied address will be pasted. Select " Accept " and then " Public ".

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